"Canadian rock" amongst top 5 worst downloads

Top5worst CNET reporter Peter Butler inexplicably attacks Canadian rock legends in his review of the top 5 Worst downloads. What’s up with that?

Okay, I’ve got a sense of humour –  after all I am Canadian – but I’ve got a bone to pick with Peter Butler, the writer over at CNET tasked with coming up with the top 5 worst downloads every month.

Normally, Butler targets worthy (or unworthy as the case may be) instances of code for this dubious honour, such as Poet In A Box or Lightes, two spectacularly bad downloads.

This time round however, Butler has declared war on Canada. Or, to be more precise, our music. The download in question is Canadian Rock Radio 1.0, which technically isn’t a downloadable app as much as a gadget for Windows Vista’s sidebar function. The gadget provides users with a simple drop-down list on their desktop giving them access to 50 streaming Canadian radio stations.

Is it sophisticated? No. Does it work? Probably, but not being a Vista user I have no idea. Is the publisher’s description of the download really, truly, dreadful? Yes:

"Get direct links to 50 of Canada’s best rock radio stations streaming music 24 hrs a day. Don’t get sucked in and pay for live audio streams, when you can 1isten [sic] for free. Simply click on the radio station you desire and play there [sic] live stream from their site, and we through in the eBay Canada search bar [sic], so you can get deals on concert tickets, memorabilia, and CDs. […]"

All of these aspects could arguably be excellent fodder for a reviewer’s wrath. Problem is, Butler doesn’t critique the gadget – he critiques some of our most beloved rock ‘n’ roll institutions, namely: Rush, Triumph and Chilliwack. My outrage knows no bounds.

Now I’m willing to consider that the inclusion of this download in Butler’s top 5 worst list was done for laughs, after all we Canadians are an easy target. Friendly, slow to anger, with great taste in alcoholic beverages, sports, not to mention MUSIC… and BTW, we favoured your new president-elect 6-1, so clearly we know how to choose world leaders too… yes, it’s easy to pick on us.

But be warned Peter Butler, we’re watching you. Say what you want aboot Canada, but don’t be taking swipes at our musicians…



  1. Sobot

    Uhhh…. don't include me as one of those Canadians who supported Obama. World leader???? Obama???? Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    He's nothing but a bleeding heart left wing Marxist feminist lapdog – he and Biden.

    I am happy that the American people have indicated that they are willing to elect a non-white President – it's just too bad they chose this jerk. Condoleeza Rice would have been an immeasurably better choice.


  2. Invis3bl3

    Back to the actual article. I'm a radio DJ at a Ontario college (no names). I've heard what Canada has to offer in the way of music playable on the radio and to tell the truth there is a serious lack in good Canadian music. Especially rock. Canada's rock music is seriously hurting. What do we have to offer? Nickleback? Three days grace? Billy Talent? Canadians have to face it. We are not exactly known for our "grand" history of great music. Canadian producers have to produce sub par bands because radio stations have an obligation of playing 35% Canadian Content. We need to create a drive for Canadian talent to improve and be competitive on an international market, rather than play sub par music just so we can make sure Canadian radio stations stay on the air.


  3. Marc C.

    to Invis3bl3

    Perhaps your comments can be forgiven because of your youth. Canada has had great rock bands (and solo artists) for as long as I've been listening to music, at the very least (I'm 44).
    The Guess Who, BTO, Prism, April Wine, Bryan Adams, Aldo Nova, Red Rider (Tom Cochrane), Harlequin, Rush, Walter Rossi, Honeymoon Suite, Steppenwolf (sort of Canadian), Colin James, Trooper, Neil Young, Kim Mitchell (Max Webster & solo), The Box, Loverboy, Glass Tiger, and more recently, (though I'm not necessarily a fan), Tragically Hip, Alanis Morisette Our Lady Peace, Nickleback, and the list goes on…

    If you don't know most of these… ask your Dad. Better yet, dig through the old collection of vinyl that is no doubt stored at your college radio station.

    Rock on…


  4. Beth

    I can't believe our music is on that list.. The newer stuff for sure.. but we had some sweet songs comin out of this country.. I am still learning of some bands that I liked being Canadian and I get more and more proud that we generally aren't producing the garbage coming out of the US… how the heck are we worse than that stupid screen saver?

    PS.. where did the Obama comment come from? that seemed really outta left field for this post.. random. Oh and you can thank your awesome republicans for our disgusting economy.. Rice woulda put the nails in the coffin too.


  5. Carefulwutuask4

    I agree with Marc C. what the heck (not really the word i was looking for) is peter butler talking about? I can't even list all the awesome rock bands out there in Canada. Nickelback doesn't count because Chad's thighs always get in the way of listening for me (j/k). I listened to a Russian radio station the first time I heard Nickelback. the song was "Never again". And don't forget that alot of these bands that are outside of Canada come over here to get peace and quiet to put their albums together and Britian too. I saw Robert Plant once while driving down the street, he was in a parking lot with Jimmy Page. I almost drove out of my lane. Peter Butler is just another no mind earning pay for slander I say. And Obama? not a bad choice I just wish we could get away from his skin color as topic and get back to issues. I know lots of awesome humans and they are all shapes and colors.


  6. J.O.

    @ Invis3bl3:

    Maybe get away from the "popular" acts and you'll see some amazing Canadian talent. Metric, Sam Roberts, The New Pornographers, The Arcade Fire, Death From Above 1979 (split, sadly), Mobile (who are maturing nicely), Sloan (still solid after all these years)…there's a strong list of acts coming from Canada.

    The one exciting thing about this recent economic downturn is that it's sure to produce some fantastic music. Desperation always does.