Pomegranate Phone: brilliant or bogus?

PomI guarantee you’ve never seen anything like the Pomegranate before. It’s truly a phone that does it all.

At least, that’s the premise of this unorthodox marketing campaign.

Check it out: http://www.pomegranatephone.com/

Warning, the site uses Flash – lots and lots of flash and it takes a long time to load even on a fast connection. Go ahead, click on the link, we’ll wait….

Okay, now that you’ve no doubt realized what the concept was all about, what did you think?

A number of sites are characterizing this as a disastrous waste of taxpayer money which isn’t likely to achieve the desired effect of raising people’s awareness of the wonderful things a life in Nova Scotia has to offer.

I have to say that while it took a while to get to the whole Nova Scotia angle, I really enjoyed the humour of some of the pomegranate ‘features’ – they made me laugh. And yes, once I got to the actual Nova Scotia part, I found the videos well produced and watchable.

But should they have used a fake gadget to lure people in and did you think it was effective?

Your turn…



  1. munz

    brilliant marketing ploy…people should realise what it's for…to capture your imagination…Nova Scotia can!


  2. Beth

    This is on you tube and its got 5 stars people really think its a new smart phone.. thousands have watched it haha.. I would totally have bought into the phone thing had I not read this… so I can see why it was such a waste of a marketing scheme… now they will have to invent it just to make up the money they lost.


  3. TK

    This vexed me because the design's such a good concept. Though the whole idea is humorous, to get everyone excited for a non-existing phone is not cool.

    So vexed!


  4. kevin

    where we can buy this ?? and why is not in market yet ? if not comeing in market for sales what is good about that ?