Found: iPod

Lostfound It pains us when we hear stories of people’s lost gadgets – especially iPods or cellphones. So we’re doing what we can to reunite ‘Rose’ with her iPod. Can you help us?

Our colleague, Jen, here in the office, found an iPod the other day and has been desperately trying to find its owner. So far, no luck. As the days go by, Jen has found herself developing a strange and unique kinship with the unknown iPod owner, which is best described in her own words…

Hi Rose,

I found your iPod on the boardwalk by the Queen’s Quay terminal in downtown Toronto 3ish weeks ago. In an attempt to get it back to you I called Apple customer care. You didn’t register your iPod with them…so I left them the serial number and my number in the hopes that you would call into report it stolen/check in to see if anyone called in. I also reported it to the lost and found in my building.

After 2 weeks and no word curiosity got the best of me…I listened to your playlist. I love your mix. LOL…you have all of my guilty pleasure tunes. Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, Christina Aguilera…and then you throw in a tune from my playlist and I lose my mind (a little bit of Linkin Park and a lot of Nirvana)! Its weird but I really feel connected to you…and tell my friends we are BFF’s or twins separated at birth. All kidding aside I really want you to get your iPod back.

So you may be wondering how I know your name. The answer, I have no idea who you are or what your name is! After listening to your iPod I started realizing you were another human being just like me…you had to have a name. There is a big Rose sticker on the back. Not very original, but seemed right at the time…so Rose it is.

If you happen to read this or anyone else who may have a friend with a Rose sticker on the back of their iPod please let us know!



Got any info on ‘Rose’ or the lost iPod? Drop us a line at :



  1. Gina

    I have no info unfortunately, but I would like to make a comment.

    I just recently had my vehicle broken into and my bag of doom(purse)was taken. Having had to replace ID before I thought I was being cautious by taking all the important stuff with me in a smaller bag, none the less I forgot to take out the birth certificates of my daughter and myself(newly replaced). No anger, just frustration at knowing I was going to have to replace the items AGAIN.

    Three days later in my mail box I came upon both birth certificates. Some GOOD SAMARITAN, such as yourself, placed them in the mail shortly after having found them.

    I posted on Facebook that I would like to thank that person for understanding how important these documents were and taking the time to send them back.

    I just want to say that it makes me happy to know that there are still some very good people, again such as yourself, out there. People who think of others.

    Thank you for being that kind of person.

    Gina McF.
    Vancouver, BC


  2. Jack

    Why don't you plug the iPod into a computer and open up iTunes. The device will try to sync and you should get Rose's real name if she used it to set up the iPod.