Super Talent's tiny, gold-plated 8GB USB drive

Picoa_gold8 In the world of USB drives, it doesn’t get much smaller. Or more golden. Or cheaper?

Super Talent, a company that creates mostly memory-related computing components, has just released its PICO-C Gold, a super-small 8GB USB drive.

The 24-karat gold plated gadget is shock-proof and water-resistant. It weighs just 4.7 grams and has a data-transfer speed of 30mb/sec making it one of the speedier drives on the market.

But the question is – which will you find more appealing – the $40 USD price tag, or the fact that it comes with a gold chain?

The Pico will be available at and, though so far no details on a Canadian release.



  1. John Byanjankar

    Hey guys this thing's cool but how do i get in canada?? Its a 40$ product and i got a total calculation of 44$ of courier. thats insane and i dont want to wait for weeks too. So if anybody has any idea of getting it in some stores in canada then please reply