TechTalk: What's your favourite website?

Trophy Marc asks listeners to share their favourite websites, and why. And what are your must-bookmark sites?

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  1. Don Rudman

    We just added a "pain" calculator on our website for call centers to input certain KPIs and it calculates their level of pain for the Executive. It was a challenge but it is finally up and working. Whew!


  2. Bill C

    This is my favourite website. It is simply unbelievable! Never before, and hopefully, never again, will the average Joe find such a collection of complete stupidity, laden with the world's dumbest A$$Clowns & Plagiarists. If nothing else, it contradicts everything Steve Ballmer says about IP and Patent infringement. A herd of neurotics all put in one place for the world to see.. yes, this gets my vote, for all of the above reasons and many more.


  3. Simon Cohen

    @ Bill C
    Plagiarists eh? That's a strong accusation. Got any examples you'd care to share?