TechTalk: A chat with TiVo & Blogging 101

Tivo Marc Saltzman talks with a blogging expert on what you need to get going, and chats with a TiVo spokesperson on bringing the popular personal video recorder to Canada.

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  1. McGrath Dot Ca

    I started blogging on last year and I learned a lot during that year. I now write on many type of blogs(movies, tech, my business blog…).

    For example, I wrote in February a post about getting rid of a Virus Heat I got 10 000+ visitors just for that post alone with 97% coming from search engines. The method/tools I used were free. With a blog, you can help people using your knowledge.

    Using my blogging experience, I released my first free 9 pages ebook(PDF) a few week ago. A blogger friend recommended that it should have it's own site instead of using my blog(shorter URL). ;)
    So, I created myself a simple 1 page site so that people could download it.

    See Free Movies Legally

    I used this particular method in my ebook because it show that you can make money too. Plus, I love movies :D

    I use WordPress because it free and you have a large community, themes and plugins.

    Note: The trouble with Technorati is that your blog is 1 within millions and nobody check them. You still need to add it there because some advertisers like to use that number.


  2. tdogg

    Blogging can very much be an experience. I have been blogging for nearly a year now and think the best sites are the one's that you least expected it from. there are lot's of great blog sites out there everyone, but you really need to take the to find one that is right for your subject matter. My suggestion is put the ground work in first, that way you get your blog read, not indexed on 54th page of google