VoIP calling with your browser

C2call Using the net for voice communication is quickly becoming common place. A new service now lets callers get in touch with each other without having to download any software.

MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger and of course, Skype. These have traditionally been the most heavily used platforms for web communication outside of email. All of them let you send instant messages, speak with others in real time and, more recently, allowed video chats. The one drawback is that both parties must download and install special software in order to use these services.

Installing software isn’t a big deal for most people, but the trouble comes when the software isn’t available for your operating system or, if you’d prefer not to have additional software on your machine for space or performance reasons. In some cases, security settings can prevent people from installing software of any kind.

C2Call is a new web service that lets users call one another using nothing more than their existing browser and net connection. It works by implementing a Java widget in the browser’s window. This widget (which needs a JavaScript compatible browser) then manages the voice connection between computers.

If you already have Java on your computer, no other software is required. If you don’t have Java, the service will prompt you to install it before you proceed.

Another feature that add to the convenience of this cross-browser, cross-platform service, is that the person you’re trying to reach doesn’t have to be registered with C2Call. Simply send them an email or instant message inviting them to talk to you, and they’ll be given a link to click on – that’s it.

According to the site’s FAQ, you may have trouble using the service if you or the person you’re calling is behind a proxy (most office environments use proxies).

I haven’t had a chance to try the service as of writing this post, so please let us know what you think of it if you give it a go.

Link: www.c2call.com



  1. Paul

    You still need to download software to use this program. Java is software you need to run this application. The application itself still needs to be downloaded by the browser. Skype is still the best platform out there and there should be no reason not to install software on your system. Computers come with plenty of hard drive space now.


  2. Marc C.

    … a Java widget in the browser's window. This widget (which needs a JavaScript compatible browser) …

    JavaScript has nothing to do with Java. They are two separate, and very different things. So you'd need a computer that supports and allows Java… not JavaScript, though the web page may need that too, to properly display.