TechTalk: Downloading movies for free – do you do it?

Bittorrent While it’s illegal to do so, many tech-savvy Canadians are downloading movies off the Net, just as they are downloading music files. Tech Talk show host, Marc Saltzman, suggests why many are doing it, and opens the lines for listeners to call in with their opinions.

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  1. jonh doe

    As for music downloads BUUUUUUUAAAAAAHHHHH ! now music artists cant afford $5000 a night hotel rooms a 3 or for cars in their multimillion dollar house then buaaaaahhhh to them. As for movies i dont want to pay for their ads on the movies I buy or rent we got enough already with cable we pay for.

    And wheres the worry major ISP providers are throttling or traffic controlling the use of p2p programs , Is that illegal duhhhh were is the comment on that issue ,oh thats a total differrent issue of course.


  2. tim

    how is downloading a movie any different from recording it with your VCR or DVD-Recorder? or tv shows for that matter. It seems like Hollywood is too busy worrying about their wallets than to worry about some of the bigger problems in this world…


  3. Music Pirate

    I haven't really delved into the downloading of movies or videos, music is typically where I draw the line. I compare how long it actually took to record, how many millions of dollars it took to make one movie. In my book, it's typically a lot more than what it takes to write one song.

    I think the RIAA and Hollywood are more concerned about how easy it is to duplicate videos and sell them at a profit, rather than a select few people downloading them and watching them on their computers. But then, if everyone started downloading movies instead of going out and purchasing them or going out to the theatre and seeing them, that's when they're going to start calling for the end of the Internet :P


  4. TorontoGuy

    Movie downloaders are scum! Not only is what they do dishonest but their selfish hogging of bandwidth is forcing ISPs to initiate 'traffic shaping' procedures to fight them. Of course, that impacts all of us.


  5. Two Cents worth

    As for hogging bandwidth, come on give your head a shake. The only reason they are 'traffic shaping', is because the tv providers control the internet market. The more people logging on to website or p2p networks to watch tv/movies is one less person they can sell there other product to.


  6. Two Cents worth

    If this site and many others like Google can make a lot of $$$. Then why can't the music and movie industry solve their own problems. Offer you products for free and reap the rewards of advertising. The artists get paid by the amount of hits on there products and concerts. Google has made millions on advertising.

    The movie industry can and does make money by product placement.


  7. Two Cents worth

    As well, the comment about the $5000 hotel room, 3 or 4 cars and a million dollar house is a little extreme. There are a lot of struggling artists out there. The whole dream is the $5000 hotel room, 3 or 4 cars and a million dollar house(s). Thats the same dream for athletes as well.

    Plus the love of what they are doing.


  8. Guitar dude

    Downloading movies is the same a music. You download everything under the sun and find out what you like. What you like you eventually buy. I am an artist and P2P sites/programs are the cheapest way to be heard.


  9. jonh doe

    As for the guy that call us p2p bandwidth hogs (Toronto Guy)heres news for you ,internet providers Rogers Cable for instance, they provide internet services through cable ,how long have their network systems been hagging off our houses, dude lost count its been years, decades hellooooo, their new technologies out their wanna make money provide what we pay for ,those are the hogs but ignorant people like this toronto guy makes these companies think they can push us around , pay and keep your mouth shut.
    As for downloads ,music ,videos ,games whatever we find something that we can get for free personal use dont agree making a profit of it but anyway so we got this for free now they want to take this away from us ,whats next buy the same cd but in different format for all diferent players we have , Im sure toronto guy wouldnt mind ,then we get surprised why we get our wallets milked all the time,or start using ur credit cards get into debt like the majority of canadians shop shop shop and die broke


  10. Another Broke A$$ Torontonian

    Top 10 Reasons for Downloading Movies/ TV Shows:

    10. $300 for a laptop *PVR* from Best Buy.
    9. $500+ for a Rogers/ Bell PVR.
    7. Bullsh*t HD content like HGTV (look at the pretty flowers!).
    6. You can't get HD American channels in Canada.
    5. Cable is sh*t visual quality (on par with YouTube).
    4. Torrent files are often 480p or higher quality.
    3. To be honest I download to spite Rogers/ Bell (I bought a DVD yesterday).
    2. Buck Rogers.
    1. And buck Bell too.