TechTalk: Digital photo frames 101

Kodak_frame Kodak Canada’s Mitch Burke joins Tech Talk radio show host, Marc Saltzman, in answering questions from callers about what to look for in a digital photo frame.

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  1. rem

    sad, i haven't been able to afford a new camera since mine broke last april let alone a digital photo frame


  2. roelie dilliott

    Better change the heading, heard about everything but what I wanted to know, which was digital photo frame!!!


  3. Jeffrey Post

    I've been patiently waiting for more than 7 (seven) minutes and still nothing about Digital Photo Frames. Everything else…games, phishing…nonsense…WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.

    Next time, how about putting someting on the web that relates to the subject you are pushing….and now you say we'll be back in two minutes with the subject we want to discuss…like let's waste more than 10 minutes of our time….FORGET IT!


  4. Simon Cohen

    Hey Roelie and Jeffrey, TechTalk is a 30 minute radio show. While we typically hilight one aspect of the show in the headline, the entire program covers more than this one issue. If you want to get right to the digital photo frame portion, fast forward to the 9:00 minute mark.


  5. Kelly

    Turner is responsible for managing the Kodak brand across the company’s diverse portfolio of film and photofinishing products and services. Morelli will manage the business in the United States, Canada and all of Central and South America, in addition to his current role as vice president and worldwide general manager of Strategic Accounts, for which he oversees the division’s worldwide business with motion picture studios, production companies and laboratories.