TechTalk: How to protect your PC in 2008

Secure_your_pc Symantec and Geek Squad join Marc Saltzman, host of the Tech Talk radio show, to answer questions from listeners about protecting your computer from viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and more.

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One comment

  1. albert smith

    Hi Marc/S
    Thank you for answering my first request…Sorry I have another…very seldom bother anyone before trying to seekout info elsewhere.

    1]..How secure are virtual HDD keys?

    Have purchased and setup a=>"GeniusKey"<= on this xp-home computer..Test Results so far look good.

    Not sure what will happen if setup on a Vista Premium laptop…any answers?

    "Protectserve Pacific Ltd." on the box…but no web site info.

    Will appreciate a response when you have the time.

    Albert Smith.