Bill Gates to address Waterloo students

Bill3 On February 21, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates will take the stage at the University of Waterloo, to share his thoughts on the future of technology with students.

Officially, his remarks will deal with two themes:

  • Magic of software as a driver of innovation, innovation as the lifeblood of the new economy
  • Engaging students into mathematics, science and engineering.

But with any luck, he’ll spice things up by commenting on subjects such as the pending Microsoft offer to buy Yahoo, the much-hyped Surface Computing platform or even the future of desktop applications like MS Office. We can only hope.

The speech will be webcast live from 9:45-11:00 a.m. EST. If you want to check it out, here’s the link:

If you decide to watch it, come back here and let us know what you thought.



  1. Angel

    The only reason he has come to Waterloo before, and is coming again is because he is a friend of Dr. Mike Lazaridis founder of RIM and Chancellor of the University of Waterloo. Hadn't been for that Bill Gates wouldn't come to this God forsaken town.


  2. Dodger

    I've been to waterloo, I've seen the university and the town, I don't know where your sentiments come from, but it's actually very nice.


  3. Glen

    Too bad the date selected is in the middle of the student reading week! The majority of students will not be there on the 21st.


  4. ChaChaRoxy

    There a few negative comments here… it that the mind set of our young generation. I think it's wonderful that BG is coming to speak to the students regardless of who he may be friends with… I don't think he's a has been or ever will be. Someone that does a good deed will be remembered always.


  5. John

    Math and Engineering students only get 2 days for "reading week"…so most of them will be around.

    He seems talk at UWaterloo every couple years…so nothing new here.


  6. Mark

    An opportunity to listen to one of the greatest men in history who "thought and got rich" (Napolean Hill writings). It is sad to read so many negative comments, being "poor" is a state of mind, open your mind and watch the benifits.


  7. kerry

    why all the negativity.why not just make the best of the situation. waterloo could probably be the next computer town if someone was to get a business going and hire the grads, anything is possible


  8. Terri

    I think everyone needs to appreciate what this means to both the university and the students that attend. Bill is going to be less than an hour away from the MS offices in Canada, and I'm willing to bet he's not visiting the people that actually WORK for him. This is a big deal, and shows how much Bill values the minds of the future (and how much he hold Waterloo in high regard). My 2 cents…


  9. Alan

    As a former H2Oloo alumnus (BSc '82)I'm proud to see such an accomplished entrepreneur and marketing genius visit to speak to our future leaders. While he's no innovator (he takes others' ideas and markets them brilliantly, nothing wrong with that) he's the catalyst that creates opportunity. I hope his presence has the same catalytic effect on our young people.


  10. fdasf

    How is Bill Gates a has-been? You still use his products (I don't even have to know you to make that statement). He has shown that you don't have to inherit your money to become wealthy. Clearly one of the most brilliant men in all of business for the last few decades (Warren Buffet would still top my list though).


  11. Liz

    Those people who post negativity are just showing their immaturity. It's very sad and pathetic. That's great the BG is coming again to speak, that shows how much he respects UofW. Good for the U


  12. Julia

    Can someone help me understand the offer Microsoft made to Yahoo? What I believe is Microsoft is trying to profit from Yahoo's success by teaming up.

    I saw this in an article from

    "Shares of Yahoo (YHOO, Fortune 500) zoomed and ended the day 48% higher, while Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) tumbled 6.6%."

    "Google reigns over 58.4% of the U.S. search market, while Yahoo has 22.9% and Microsoft's share is just 9.8%, according to comScore, a research firm that tracks Internet traffic."

    Yahoo would be stupid to accept Microsoft's offer. Again, that's just what I think.


  13. Andrew

    Ok, first of all, I live 30 mins from Waterloo and its a very nice city. Secondly, the University Of Waterloo is a great university and its widely known as one of the top universities in all of Canada. Their known for having an excellent technology program and its no suprise that Bill Gates would choose Waterloo as the school to visit for his speech.


  14. Venkata

    Awesome……. UoW benefits from BG's visit absolutely… IT will be dumb to think any other way.. BG is the greatest person of my times… a man of his own making and one who has really transformed the world to a good extent to what it is today….. MS products are more mature and effective… The .NET framework is the best that has happened to programming…. since C++.

    The webcast is cool way to be there virtually….


  15. Lance Body

    That's a pretty sour comment about Bill Gates. No doubt in my mind he doesn't spread his money around enough, I sure he knows he can't take it with him. Don't compare him with Buffett, he is way below Bill Gates.


  16. joe

    I could care less about this topic, but first of all, if you're going to comment about universities, then you should have a grasp of the english language and the use of proper spelling and grammar.
    Secondly, if you don't care about Bill Gates, then why care about where he chooses to speak?
    Finally, get angry at something more significant.


  17. Lisa

    Kitchener-Waterloo is not a "God forsaken town" and I can say that because I actually live here. Also, Bill Gates isn't just coming here because he has a friend here. I bet he has many friends all over North America. Maybe he's coming to speak because U of W is one of the highest ranked Universities in Canada with the best technology and engineering programs. Rethink how "God forsaken" our town is when you see someone using a Blackberry.


  18. wilson

    I'm a former Waterloo *oolerwat* and would be proud to speak to this man Bill Gates personaly. I think he has accumulated more wealth honesty than any man who is living today or who has ever living. I know he will spend his money wisely.


  19. dennis baker

    Bill gates appearantly wants to help the environment yet does not respond to the SOLUTION to climate change
    Wednesday, March 27 1996
    The radiolitic decomposition of organic materials generates hydrogen gas.
    Hydrogen gas is a very useful energy course; burns clean with water as the emission by- product. Humans generate a phenomenal amount of organic waste. The United Nations is very concerned about oceanic contamination by organic waste. Human organic waste could be treated to prevent methane generation, then exposed to nuclear waste to generate hydrogen gas. The potential solving of three issues with one action.

    A free service from Nuclear Waste News | January 14, 2008

    First Plasma-Waste Treatment Facility Slated for Romania
    An Israeli company has announced plans to build Romania's first plasma-waste treatment facility.

    Under a $30 million, 25-year build/operate/transfer (BOT) contract, Environmental Energy Resources (EER) will build a plant that uses plasma gasification melting technology. The system — developed by Israeli and Russian scientists at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology — sorts municipal and solid waste in a reactor, where metal particles are separated by magnets, with the remaining waste broken down by high heat.

    That organic material is converted into gases, and the remaining waste becomes black gravel suitable for use in infrastructure projects. EER said the system also can break down medical and radioactive waste, thereby providing a waste treatment solution for nuclear power stations.

    EER's shareholders include Urdan Industries Ltd. (TASE: URDN), Shrem Fudim Technologies Ltd. (TASE:SFKT), Makoto Takahashi's Tokyo Financial Group, the Canada-Israel Opportunity Fund, Leon Recanati and Shlomo Nehama.

    because I think what you are doing is very essential for the survival of the planet, and anybody who is hindering that needs to be pushed aside.


  20. Anya

    Actually, engineers and mathies get a reading week now. they changed this last year.

    University of Waterloo is a good school which emphasizes on Math and engineering programs (mostly mathies and comp people). There's alot of co-op jobs for mathies/comps all around the world, thanks to UWaterloo effort.


  21. e.d.

    I remember Waterloo as very smart, but many times more prissy. The longer anyone stayed at school there, the more of a prig they became. It won't help that BG visits.


  22. Syd

    UW is one of the TOP science/math/technology universities in the WORLD. Its grads are highly recognized and much sought after (in certain sectors/industries) WORLDWIDE. Microsoft takes a lot of co-op interns as well as hires many grads from UW. Bill Gates has made many appearances/speeches there over the years so this is nothing new. He (Bill) possesses a brilliant, if highly understated, mind/intellect and is an extremely generous philanthropist; many of the computers and software in libraries WORLDWIDE are donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. My understanding is that Bill supports many causes, financially and otherwise, anonymously; the trait of a truly humble person with a generous and highly developed social conscience. The negative responses here with regard to UW, Bill's upcoming visit, and Bill himself just highlight the ignorance of the posters themselves. It's always better to say nothing than to open your mouth and remove all doubt about your ignorance/stupidity.


  23. Wayne J. Livingston

    I did not attend any University many years ago [I'll be 60 this July], but my daughter currently is in 4th year at Nipissing, and having helped her with many essays in a proofreading capacity over many years, I cannot help but wonder at the sad spelling and grammatical errors of so many of the comments that have been sent in response to the upcoming Bill Gates visit. Would it not be reasonable to expect better of University level students?! Wayne L.


  24. Keith

    The first negative comment was humorous. John wrote: "To bad waterloo sucks". Perhaps John could learn to use the correct form of "Too", remember to capitalise "Waterloo", or at least master the ability to end his sentence with a period. The ability to misuse grammar, capitalisation, and punctuation (all within a four word sentence)is amusing for others to view; however, it also puts those comments about the University of Waterloo into a bit of perspective. I hope that Bill Gates encourages some interesting discussions.


  25. Kris

    People who have negative comment about Bill Gates's visit to Waterloo University, you can do one thing though. Either you participate physically or listen to the web cast to see whether or not you are benifited out of it. If not, fine. Perhaps it is not for you. But those who are interested and would be benifited, let's not discourage them by your negativity. Somebody will benifit for sure. That is, either University will get big pledge from Bill Gates's foundation or the students who are seeking opportunity. Why not all the negative groups together ask Bill Gates to pledge not only for the Engineering and Computer division but in other areas too where you would benifit as well? I know only engineering and computer improvement will not upgrage the whole world where there million other things are needed to upgrade. So go for it, damn it. If you can't, write to him or address to his foundation of your needs. This is your chance. And many will join you I know.


  26. Chrissy Douggy

    Please, you Waterloo people need to simmer down. Has Waterloo surpassed Queen's in stuffy, arrogant types? Sometimes it truly does seem that way. Not all geniuses are mathematicians and 'engineers'.
    Although, I can appreciate why Bill might not agree.


  27. Sam

    Y r people ripping on BGs again. He gives tons of money to charities, even though he still has more, and he is rich because he deserved it. Even though he is not the creator of windows he was the person who made into what it is today, in terms of a business stand point. Stop ripping on him because you are jealous of him.


  28. Kit Ha

    To the first negative comment–> waterloo does not suck!!! It is a really nice University. The Bill Gates talk today was really inspiring and encouraging to a lot top students from UoW. I know because I was there!!! So stop bad mouthing waterloo!!! , whoever john is!


  29. Yeng

    Wake up you numb-minded Waterloo enthusiasts. Your school pales in comparison to other top schools in Canada, in terms of academic excellence, student life, school environment, admin assistance etc. The only reason why people even go to Waterloo is for its co-op programs, which need I remind you are partially subsidized by the government. Waterloo students are becoming increasingly arrogant and it's funny every time they are so fond of their 'loo.'


  30. Sam

    before you critisize other people's grammer
    you should work on yours

    "The ability to misuse grammar, capitalisation, and punctuation (all within a four word sentence)is amusing for others to view;"
    First when you said grammer it is enough, because capitalization and punctuation is a part of grammer.
    second you should not end with a semi colon, because you finished your arguement so it should end with a period

    i hate people that gets nickpicky with other people's grammer in regular discussion, i agree that grammer is important on academic papers

    but not everyperson recieves higher education, so in regular discussion, it is better to be down to earth.

    A lot of people have excellent language skills, and don't act snobby about it.