TechTalk: Has Blu-ray Won the Format War?

Disney_bluray_discs Disney’s Blu-ray spokesperson joins host Marc Saltzman to discuss why the studio has selected Blu-ray over HD DVD.

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  1. Simon Cohen

    Doh! Sorry bout that -I should really upload the audio files before I publish the posting. Thanks McGrath :)


  2. McGrath Dot Ca

    The show is 00:34:51

    It's nice of Disney of going on the road to teach about Blu-Ray, of course.

    Yes, a Blu-Ray player can play your DVDs and the picture will be better but not true HD like a Blu-Ray movie. It does a upconvert of the video.

    One guy talk about DVD + and – we had a few years ago and the HD war was more like that. I would reply it's more like DVD-Audio vs SACD. It's not about recording but about content. Blu-Ray is winning on that front.


  3. Ray

    Hi Simon,Marc.
    What a great show (TechTalk) regarding the Blu-ray and Disney's spokesperson. I am impressed with the Wonderful Mall Tour, what a great piece of marketing strategy. Will there be a Wonderful Community Center Tour? Hm, I doubt that, Eh?

    So, whats my point here? Simply put, What in the world was Toshiba thinking? Making six cents on the dollar and producing something the whole population could afford. With a little cash and clout the shareholders could be looking at a twenty cents on the dollar return and a market that is all ours…

    At five hundred plus for a stand alone, or hey go for the deal, the game player at three ninety nine, oh ya, a game or two with that Mom? Boy I can see Disney's gone all family on this one.

    What a rediculess Idea one hundred dollars for a player. C'mon Mom an Pops, skim a little on the education, child care, transportation, healthy stuff. Get one of those Blu-rays.

    How could anyone blame Toshiba for backing away from pursuing this any further? Wake up and smell the roses folks. The Hi-Def genie was out of the bottle and what was left was the tweaking. Now, the question that remained and that most folks ignored was the payoff question. Seems to me one player or participant was on the right track. Get a unit out there that everyone can afford. The other side seems to have had other plans in mind.

    So do tell, whats the point if ninety percent of Canadian families can't afford this. I would have thought that in 2008 things would continue on the social side of logic and that blatant money grabs would be frowned upon. Did these companies side with logic and family values, as they (family) are the consumers of there products or did they side with percentage points?

    In my opinion there should not have been a war and things could have been win-win all around. If these companies had used there influence rationally the numbers could have been astronomical! Now the WAR is won. Is it? Bozo's!(clowns).