Apple out of touch with customers?

Ipodtouch The recent MacWorld keynote speech delivered by Steve Jobs contained lots of great new product announcements, but struck a sour note with some iPod owners.

Among the many announcements, Jobs excited the crowd of Apple-faithful with new applications for the iPhone and the iPod Touch devices. The iPod Touch now comes standard with Mail, Maps, Weather, Notes and Stocks applications. These new features make extensive use of the Touch’s Wi-Fi connectivity.

However, Jobs also announced that anyone who had already bought an iPod Touch would have to pay $20 to get the firmware upgrade that included these new applications.

Needless to say, that message has not been well received by Touch owners, who are now in the process of venting their frustrations with the Cupertino CA based company in the form of an online petition. As of the writing of this post, the petition has received over 8,700 signatures. Since Apple hasn’t released sales numbers for the iPod Touch specifically, it’s hard to know what percentage of Touch owners this petition represents.

I also have it on good authority that Touch owners who have iTunes store accounts, are actively encouraged to download the new applications, which will be billed to the user’s iTunes account.

What are your thoughts on this move by Apple? Should these new apps be considered as part of the standard firmware upgrade process and be made freely available to all Touch owners? Does Apple have the right to make some money on their hard work? Is it fair that iPhone owners are getting the same functionality without having to pay extra?

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  1. Dan Brammer

    I don't have a problem with it. If you don't want those firmware upgrades, then don't purchase them. Apple is not forcing you to buy them. If Apple had charged $20 more when you bought the iPhone, you wouldn't have binked an eye, but because you now have to pay a perceived "extra" $20 it is an issue? Don't buy it if you want to send a message to Apple. But we both know that you will buy it.


  2. Ryan Baehl

    If you buy a smartphone you are sometimes buying hardware you can't upgrade. Its ery small price but I guess I would complain if I wasn't using most of the featuresa and there was no don't show this again measage.
    my parents are successfull business owners: everyone has a right to make a living or make a profit.


  3. David

    At the price of the the IPOD touch it should be free.

    For a company that says it builds stuff the people… they sure like to bend over the people


  4. him

    I don't own the iPod Touch but that's plain ridiculous. $20 for a simple firmware upgrade? Dan is right. We shouldn't be complaining. Not when that firmware upgrade will eventually be leaked for mass consumption. (free)


  5. Scott

    This firmware update should be free. All other Ipods update threw itunes free. Also, Apple's warrenty is the worst. If within 90days it breaks Apple covers shipping costs. After that….you do for up to a year.


  6. Big Mike

    Rummour has it that Apple is comming out with a camera in the touch. Worryed about software? Ha, Apple is making huge bucks off of us. Wait for a while before you buy tech gadgets because you can get them cheaper, better and without the bugs. Ps when is the Iphone comming to Ontario!


  7. nebc

    Only $20 for those upgrades Apple mentioned and you guys are crying? I figured that somethings so dear to everyone – their iPods – a measly $20 would be most acceptable! Get with it folks – or has it been the media yping this aspect. Either way you should hang your heads…or better yet, buy a product for which you do not get even this support!


  8. tom

    Quit complaining. You bought it at a certain price as is. No one forced you.

    If you really want to hurt Apple, STOP buying their products. Do you need one more gadjet? Really?


  9. ryan

    I don't see the problem. You can get something new added to your ipod for 20$ or continue to live with the i touch you were so excited about when you bought it


  10. ryan

    I don't see the problem. You can get something new added to your ipod for 20$ or continue to live with the i touch you were so excited about when you bought it. I'm still waiting for the Iphone come to Ontario.


  11. mike

    Don't own a touch just a video which is fine for me but I do think that it is horrible for apple to charge people who first bought the touch to pay another $20 for new apps when if you buy a new one at the store for the same price the touch has always been then you get them for free. Yes the price of technology gets cheaper and things eventually take a huge price drop, but if they are still the same price and eveyone one else will get them for free then apple is just trying to make some extra cash on something they know most people will pay for which is just greedy.


  12. Greg Sta

    This is sympatico/msn, don't believe anything mentioned about Apple on here! iPhone or any technology that advanced will never be in Canada, ever! This due to the rates that are billed and swindled out of customers by the telecoms. Could you imagine what your bill would be for data tran$fer$? Lets hope Telus and other telecoms get GSM Networks and offer affordable rates! If anyone remembers Stentor (Former National Telecom Regulator) I wonder what regulated rates would have been for data?


  13. Simon Cohen

    Ouch Greg, that hurts. What makes you think we'd falsely report on Apple (or any other company for that matter)?


  14. Greg Sta

    I never mentioned, "falsely!" Opinions are merely opinions, its all on where they originate is all, I check this site out daily, what i stated was merely my opinion is all. I have read some great articles and will no doubt read more in the future on here.