TechTalk: Best and Worst Tech of 2007

Simon_cowell Marc Saltzman is joined by renowned technology writer, Ted Kritsonis, to share the best and worst tech trends over the past 12 months.

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  1. Peter

    I have Windows 200 Pro with memory of 256 MB RAM. Told I cannot increase the memory.
    There are about 40 programs running when I open CTRL-ALT-DELETE. I don't know one from the other. How can I find out which ones to turn off?
    Appreciate your show and your assistance.
    I am not very technical and I am a retired Senior

    Happy New Year and thanks,


  2. Ray

    Peter, let's see if we can help you out a bit here. I read your post and will try to help out based on what I understood.

    Windows 2000 Pro would be your OS, I Believe and you stated that your computer has 256 MB of RAM and that you have about 40 programs running.

    Lets try and start from an understanding all this point of view. Some OS's or operating systems use up a certain amount of Ram but under normal conditions should not hinder the normal functioning of the computer. What I mean by this is that there should not be a drastic slow down that would prevent you from any normal usage.

    If your system is painfully slow or freezing up it would probably be a good Idea to start from square one and do some housecleaning first. Run a scandisk or disc cleanup and get rid of the temp. Internet files and other junk that is not needed. This would include emptying the trash can of deleted files etc. Then you should De-fragment your hard drive. I'm not sure if you do this regularly but this is a problem if you don't.

    You state that you cannot increase your RAM from 256 MB. I'm not sure of that, I would check into that a little more. I'm also not sure that you actually have about 40 programs running. What I believe you are reading is the Processes and not programs. To have many processes running is normal to an extent. I would not start turning these off if I was not sure of what these were as some of these are vital and should not be turned off ever. Doing so could shut your system down for good.

    There are sites that could help you Identify what the file names are and what they are for. I would recommend that you go to Windows support and do a little reading up on system start up and maybe preventing certain programs from loading that are not necessary on start up. You will find a slew of information on this topic and this will free up some RAM for sure.

    Remember, do not turn anything off unless your sure of what it is first! I am not sure of what kind of computer you have but there are many manufacture sites that can give you volumes of information on haw to free up system resources and also, very important how and when to do regular maintenance, which is just as important for keeping things freed-up and running smoothly.

    There are many options available should this not be sufficient. If your system would need large investments to bring it up to your needs, you might look into updating to a newer or younger system, without going for new. Lots of great used stuff out there that's really affordable.

    Whats important here would be to sit down and really Identify your needs and then decide whether to invest in your present system to bring it up to snuff, or go with a younger good used, or a re-furbished. Many options! Another Idea might be to find someone who could help you make that choice. Many community centers offer seniors help with computers including courses etc. Ask around and read as much as you can, it's really not that complicated once you get some basic in ya.

    So much could be said and there are so many options available that need not cost a small fortune. You should take your time though and not rush headlong into spending money as that is not always wise if one could have got away with a tweak or two and been happy with it. Hope this helped and good luck, Your CyberFolk Now!

    See Ya,Ray.


  3. Nicole Cassiani

    Cool site! I am listening through my computer! you guys really help us women with all this geeky tech talk, by talking in a "KISS" way….sorry no relation to Gene Simmons & Paul Stanly!
    I mean Keep it simple ….Stupid Ha Ha!
    Thanks guys!
    Nicole from in Montreal


  4. Nicole Cassiani

    I have been buying PC's since 1998!, I also have the older version of the Sony Playstation II, and some games, but I use it mainly to plug into my Yamaha drums' DT EXTREME III brain. to play my drums with a bunch of Music Videos!