TechTalk: What's new in webcams

Lifecams Learn why webcams have become a mainstream phenomenon and how they’re a great way to keep in touch with loved ones who live far way – especially over the holidays. Guest: Microsoft’s Jimmy Dinh.

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  1. june

    not too sure how they think that webcams are the way of the future for i know no one who even uses one.
    no sense having one if no one else has it.


  2. Teresa

    ..Not sure where you are living,(June) but everybody I know has one… even a friend in her 70's! ..course I guess living in Costa Rica and being far away from home helps…although I know many people who are not far away from home have one too…Teresa


  3. Ewald

    Iam in dispare I bought aMicrosoft Life cam V6000 a year ago,but have nothing but trouble,lately whenever I try to connect a Videocall the picture is distorted and the sound is very noisy.The telephone works fine.
    Whats wrong?