TV's takeover the bedroom

Tv_bedroom According to a recent survey, a majority of Canadians are watching TV in the bedroom.

The study, commissioned by Samsung Electronics Canada revealed the following stats around Canadian TV watching habits:

  • Ontarians alone are found to watch the least amount of TV when compared to other Canadians. When they are watching, however, the battle for the remote control is likely occurring in the bedroom with a majority of Canadians admitting to having a television in their bedroom.
  • More than 80 per cent of Canadian households own one to three televisions.
  • B.C. residents are more likely to be couch potatoes with 15 per cent of respondents watching more than 29 hours of TV a week (this is more than twice the national average).
  • Over one-third of Canadians watch 8-14 hours of television a week.

Some of the other facts that were uncovered by this survey include:

  • Albertans are the biggest reality show fans.
  • Quebeckers are the biggest soap opera fans, with double the number of people saying that this is their preferred type of show than elsewhere in the country.
  • The oldest televisions are in the prairies, where 8% of people said their TV was more than 20 years old.
  • People living in Quebec were most likely to have a TV in their kitchen.

Most of these results aren’t especially surprising, but the B.C. stat regarding the amount of TV watched kind of threw me for a loop. As someone who is a former B.C. resident and who still has family living there, my impression of the B.C. lifestyle is that of a more outdoors-oriented and more active one than elsewhere in Canada. Maybe things have changed out west, or perhaps this was never the reality.

Where do you stand on TV watching habits? Let us know which province you’re in and how much TV you watch and we’ll see if we get the same results as Samsung.



  1. Steve

    For your requested information, I live in Ontario. Personally, I watch very little TV. I find most of the programming to be mindless fodder for the masses. As for a television in my bedroom…NEVER!!!
    I can think of better things to do in bed than watch trash on TV!!!


  2. Vern

    Why not have a TV in rooms where you might be comfortable? Bedroom is great when you just want to doze off, livingroom is fine when you are up and about. The kitchen is great when you are cooking. The garage is great when you are escaping. Cheers t the all the naysayers.


  3. ben

    i also see nothing wrong with having a TV in your bedroom, just because its there doesnt mean that it always has to be on.


  4. Nolan

    I am from Saskatchewan and I tend to watch videos on YouTube and FuseTV while online. I own a 32" Sony LCD tv that was manufactured this past March. Its doesn't get used unless someone comes over and wants to watch TV. And it isn't anywhere near my bedroom. 6-8 hours…a month (5-7 hours / week online).


  5. Sally

    Im from Ontario, we never had cable when we were kids,when I moved out I started watching cable, I cant belive the crap they air, its practically porn. Theres no respect for women and if we were to see half naked men on TV every time we turn it on, do you think men would complain and it would be stopped…hummmm..I dont plan on watching to much television and when I do I look up what I will be viewing first….Older movies and older shows grab my interest. To me it seems like television is brainwashing young kids and violence is on the rise because of it.Whoever disagrees with me has a couple of screws loose in they re head. Maybe its time to fight these televisions stations that air this crap, or just throw th e TV out the window…opps..


  6. Marilyn

    I have not watch TV for over 7 years, and I don't miss it. TV in the bedroom, the car, your cell phone, I can find other ways to entertain myself. TV is mind control and can be very harmfull
    to our mental health, and creativity.


  7. brian

    Nothing wrong with T.V., You just gotta pick what You would like to watch. I personally like to watch the old cartoons, Bugs Bunny, etc. It is basically a diversion from the bad news you see on the tube that is constantly being aired. I would rather laugh, than hear about fires,floods,war and death.


  8. Lois

    I have a TV in the bedroom.. use it as a alarm clock . its programed to turn on at a low volume at a certain time .. it wakes me up and does'nt disturb my husband . He works later in the day


  9. Dave

    I cannot afford to go to strip clubs so I watch mostly porn on TV. The odd time the news but nothing else really interests me.


  10. James

    We have 5 TV's in our house, and we watch quite a bit.. prolly 3 or 4 hours a day (in the evening) after work…

    I just bought a 32" HD LCD Samsung TV for my bedroom. i find it more relaxing to curl up in bed and watch TV.. usually I set the timer and fall asleep to it..


  11. Sizzles

    I live in Alberta and the reason we watch so much reality TV is: that's the only thing that is EVER on! I'm from a small town and we get basic cable and little choice, reality TV is on every night or whenever i turn the TV on… except when i can watch simpsons and family guy… where was that stat? every canadian i've ever met LOVES simpsons and family guy!?!


  12. Rob

    We have a tv in the rec room,livingroom,bedroom. I have a 32" tv in my heated shop hooked up to a 200 watt surround system just for watching Nascar and NHL Hockey with my friends.We live in Ontario.


  13. Jim

    I live in Ontario and have 3 tv's in the house and one in the garage. I watch mostly sports and DIY shows while the wife watches her soaps and cartoons with our 6 month old. The TV in the bedroom is great because I have a PVR hooked up to it and when our baby dosen't sleep my wife can watch shows of her choice through the night while tring to get the baby back to sleep!(I mostly work nights)By the way Family guy is the worst cartoon on TV, I never have or ever will watch the show because of it's content!


  14. Elaine

    Having a TV in the bedroom was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Well actually my boyfriend made. Now that I work nights I hardly ever leave the bedroom. Plus when I was in highschool I feel my grades suffered as soon as I got one in my room as I spent more time watching tv then studying


  15. Cassie

    I'm an Albertan (born and raised) and have only one tv. It's in the bedroom and gets watched 6 or 7 hrs. a week except for when we rent movies.
    I also think that most of the regular programing is pretty mindless, although I do enjoy the History chanel, documentaries and A&E.
    My one small mindless indulgence? Ugly Betty, which I love!


  16. don

    Ive had my starchoice shut off for 4 months now and I dont miss it. I do rent DVDs and vhs once in a while . I find the quality of all those stations is low. I think Id be better off just getting dvd s once in a while. when I watch something I want something good.


  17. Brenda

    I live in a small town in Nova Scotia and find that the only serious T.V. I watch is the news, or the odd movie. Despite this the T.V. is usually on, more for white noise than for any other reason. I prefer listening to music, CBC radio, or reading.


  18. Simon Templar

    Mindless reality TV, oh ya that gets you going.

    To the guy watching TV in his bedroom like Cartoon Bugs Bunny. Who is looking after your wife.

    Five TV's here 56 " 48 " 22 "" ( kitchen ) 22" flat panels in guest room and bedroom.

    Has anyone puked out there mouth yet watching Howie Mandel.

    American/ Canadian Idol are such a rat pack of losers.

    Just throw on a Metallica Video that cures it.

    Reality TV is for lonely office workers or fruit cake dudes who also work in offices.


  19. John

    I agree with Sally, television is crap. Realty shows are the biggest contributors. Survivor is a joke..these people couldn't cut it in a real siuation of survival.. and the Great Race..all the participants do is fight among themselves.


  20. chris

    l live in bc. we have two t.v's. one upstairs and one down. my husband is disabled and does watch t.v. he has nothing else he can do. He sure does watch a lot of crap but hey! that is his choice. My self l watch the three csi.shows one hour three times a week other than that l keep myself busy with other activities. There sure is a lot of no good stuff on that boob tube! We need to get those kids outside and do more activities. We laugh at some of the things that our boys did when they were young and our grand kids think they were crazy but oh! what fun we had.!


  21. Norm

    1 tv in the house, in the family room. No TV in the bedroom, there's many more ways to have fun in there.
    As for reality TV, it is anything but real. Bunch of strangers in a house? Castaways on an island voting each other off? A bachelor with women lined up for him? Whose freaking reality is that? It's a shame when the best shows on TV are the ones that went off the air years ago…Frasier, M*A*S*H, All In The Family… Although I admit I do love House, even if it is formulaic.


  22. Sherry

    I live in B.C. and used to watch a lot of t.v. until my 30 year old Hitachi finally died. I haven't replaced it yet and am not in a hurry to do so. I'm reading more now and thoroughly enjoying it. If there were shows on t.v. worth watching, I would probably feel differently about it. I could watch the t.v. in the bedroom but haven't bothered. Am getting more sleep now and feel great!!!


  23. Richard

    Just throwin this out there but I think there could be a reason for Ontario watching less and BC watching more. I remember a study awhile ago mentioning that people in city centres such as Toronto are more active and fit than rural dwellers such as myself. I live on a farm about 60km north of Toronto. It can get pretty boring out here but TV just makes it worse. Sometimes I take a bus down to Toronto and being a huge city I walk around and get some exercise while actually seeing civilization. Again, I live in a rural area and I don't believe in it being more outdoors oriented. While I might be surrounded by nature theres just not enough stimulation except for that stupid TV. Ontario is more developed and urbanized than any other province, that is why I used it in my argument.


  24. alan

    The only tv programing worth watching regularly is on TVO,PBS and History channel
    If I could not get these then I would do without tv as the rest are mostly crap


  25. lol

    hi all you old people,
    just becuase ther was no tv when ur wer kids doesnt mean now nobdy shud watch tv.


  26. cassie

    IOL – Maybe if you watched less tv, and read a little more, you'd learn how to spell. Oh, and BTW, I'm 34!


  27. zsa zsa

    I live in Ontario, (GTA)and have a tv in the rec room and a tiny one in the bedroom If given a choice, the bedroom is most comfortable, however since cutting down to basic satellite, it is only used about 4-8 hours/week. (The big tv is just there for when the family are home and watche movies or play video games, moreso than anything else…) I may switch to an antennae soon as all you get with the basic programming is Canadian stations and the only thing I really miss is HGTV!
    Hope that helps your survey.


  28. Mike

    I have one TV, 27" CRT type. Generally there are three stations I watch, Civilization, A&E and The Weather Network. Most programming is boring, frankly I'd rather read a book. (Remember them?)


  29. Terry

    Hey, I use my 52 inch for video games in the main room and kick the wife into the bedroom to watch her shows on the 40" plasma. The movie nights normally go on the main TV so we can snug by the fireplace….


  30. Ron

    We now have 4 TVs in the house after getting little 13" TV for my oldest daughter's room. So far she hasn't abused the privledge. A TV in the kitchen? Hey, why not for all those cooking shows. If you can have a computer workstation in your modern kitchen then why not a TV. Have you seen those $4000.00 fridges at Future Shop with the built-in TV screen right on the door? TVs are everywhere since the advent of the LCD and Plasma screens.


  31. Phill



  32. Sue

    I live in eastern Ontario- Heart of the Thousand Islands- we have 7 televisions in my home- 3 in each of the bedrooms/kitchen/family room/ workshop and garage. Nice background noise in many cases. Still many times when there is simply garbage out there to watch.


  33. Lora

    I live in BC. I'm 27, and never had a tv, and honestly don't plan on owning one. Whatever movies i really want to watch, I can watch them on my computer. You don't get paid for watching TV. It is a big waste of time with all the crap that is on there. All the financially independant people that I know watch little or no TV. Lets get out and do something!


  34. Drayven

    I have a tv in the br…for now. It's going soon. Don't watch all that much, do enjoy LOST and House.
    Simpsons suck though, it's just ridiculous.


  35. Kent

    Has anyone else noticed that this study on the TV-watching habits of Canadians was commissioned (paid for) by one of the largest, most-profitable television manufacturers in the world? There's a high probability that this is a marketing tactic – do the study, reveal the stats that show Canadians love their TV's, align the Samsung name in close proximity to the results, enjoy increased sales. So really, the only comment I want to make on this study is how much are Samsung shares trading at before and after the study?


  36. jay

    i have one tv a 32 inch lcd widescreen the only tv shows i actually watch are dexter and family guy thats it 95 percent of the time if the tv is on its running a movie from my dvd player

    i thought about getting digital hd box then decided what for so i can watch 2 shows problem with tv to many channels and most of em are reality based series


  37. Diana

    I don't watch TV anymore, I started phasing it out when I started university (before then too actually), now I don't even own one because I really don't have time for it. Most of the stuff on it is junk in the first place and not worth time that could be spent doing something productive, and I prefer foreign dramas, films and music anyway and none of what I enjoy is available on any local, or insanely expensive cable/satellite subscription. A DVD or two, once or twice a month is enough for me. I prefer to read as well.


  38. Diana

    I don't know if this matters but I noticed an earlier comment above mentioning old people, I'm 21. Same one that started phasing out TV before starting university.


  39. Joe Poe

    I moved abroad 6 years ago and as a result quit watching TV. Whenever I do make it home for a visit, I turn on the TV and sit in amazement. Everything seems to be getting worse. The news is hardly newsworthy and the programming appears to be based on shock and awe principles. Family Guy can be funny, but the humour is downright crude at times – see Peter becomes a redneck. I recommend reading. That TV will rot your brain. BTW I'm only 30.


  40. Kyle Deweerd(18)

    I dont understand why most everyone seems to hate tv so much? Yes most programs are unwatchable but obviously somebody IS watching it. Just because you dont like it doenst mean that you can put it down. "The Simpsons" has some of the most clever and intelligent writing on television. And its not just me who thinks so. Talk to my English 30 teacher who is also on the standard setting committee for the province's diploma exam. As for TV in the bedroom? Why not? One's bed is obviosly the most comfortable place in the house. So what better place is there to lay back and watch the proverbial "boob tube"? As somebody already mentioned, it doesnt have to be on all the time. And while people grumble and moan about commercials and garbage, how else would you find out about new products and services? Advertising is just another necessary evil that we all must deal with. One last thing: To the person who made all young people seem ignorant and foolish, your an embarrasment to the youth of today. Open your mind. And to the man who replied to him, this is just a forum, not an essay. Proper grammar and spelling arent required. That is how young people of today write. Deal with it.


  41. Tarrah

    The way that guy wrote was more of an embarrassment than what he said. LOL UR FUNNY! Riiight…

    The Simpsons used to have some of the most clever writing on television. Not anymore, unfortunately, but that's all just a matter of one's taste, not a matter of how intelligent you are.

    Number of TVs I have? A lot. Probably more than I should. A computer with the Internet hooked up to it is no different than a television, so add two more to that total. You can watch the same amount of crap, unrated, on the computer as you could, rated, on TV. I just don't have satellite. I figure if I had satellite, I would spend my entire day watching TV.


  42. ringleader

    has anyone noticed that the majority of the tv audience is teenagers,this is due to the fact,the corp.dingleberry's think this is the only majority worth aiming their programming too,this is why most late night talk shows and tv programmes seem so immature and ridiculous….


  43. ringleader

    It's an unbelievable shame that us as canadians are not allowed to try an make the majority of our own quality programming and have to be inundated by american CR*P shoveled down out throats by AMERICAN televison stations in canada like CTV !!!!