The Ferrari Segway: a transportation bargain!

Ferrari_segwayKnowing how strongly you feel about gadgets that sport Ferrari’s famed prancing horse insignia, we couldn’t miss the chance to tell you about the latest gear to cash in on Italy’s most recognized brand.

Much like the $25,000 Ferrari-inspired cell phone we wrote about recently, this bright red Segway redefines the value proposition of an already niche product.

It seems that both Segway and Ferrari felt that there was market for personal transporters that cost nearly double the amount of a standard Segway i2. That’s right. Ordering a regular i2 from Canadian retailer SimplyMoving will cost $5,495.00. The Ferrari edition from will set you back € 7.083,33 or approximately $10,112,16.

I can certainly appreciate spending a few more dollars for an upgrade, especially when it comes to transportation – I swear I will never own another car without heated seats – so naturally the Ferrari edition packs some really desirable extras to justify the premium price tag, right?

You betcha. The additional $4,000+ will get you a gloriously vivid red paint job, a distinctive Scuderia Ferrari emblem and, as the website declares, a "handlebar bag made in Genuine Leather."

Oh, and don’t forget pride of ownership.

Now if only you were allowed to show off your exclusive ride to the masses of admirers you will no doubt have. Sadly, unless you pack the Ferrari Segway into the back your SUV (it won’t fit in your real Ferrari) and take it to your golf club, there are precious few places where you’ll be able use it.

[Thanks to Engadget]