TechTalk: Gadget questions answers, backing up home movies

8mm Marc takes your questions on shopping for the latest gagdets and discusses a new service that will take your old home movies regardless of the format they’re in and digitize them for you.

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  1. Gienah Biete

    Please let me know what is difference with the Archos multimedia player compare with the other mp3 player? I am planning to buy on christmas time.


  2. Marc Saltzman

    Hi Gienah,

    The Archos players offer a few things usually not found in other MP3 players (depending on the model), such as:

    • Reads many more music, photo and video formats
    • Built-in Wi-Fi
    • Widescreen display
    • Huge hard drives (up to 160GB)
    • An optional PVR docking station that lets you record TV shows, movies and sports right onto the unit

    Hope that helps!


    Marc Saltzman


  3. Mandy

    Is there a such things as a digital voice recorder that has the ability to directly type into the laptop once connected? The device would need to be Mac compatible.


  4. Philip Lee

    Hi Marc,

    I like your reviews on various media. You introduced a solar panel holster for ipod touch in a Cineplex gear guide show. Can you give me more details ? Thanks in advance !


  5. frank

    last week you spoke about a program where I can change the color or stuff in my rooms of the house. something about agent using it when selling a house is it possible to give me the name of the program as well as the website thanks in advance


  6. Greg

    Hi Marc….I have a large quantity of printed photographs that I’d like to have professionally scanned onto my computer. Can you help me with some pointers on finding a reputable firm to do this for me?


  7. Brittany

    Hi Marc,

    I have a 3rd generation (8GB) iPod touch, and I was wondering if jail-breaking my iPod is a smart decision or not. Will it damage my iPod? What are the pros and cons?



  8. Grace

    I have lots of old prints and even 50 year old slides that I would like to put together in a package suitable to give as a gift to each of my children (already did it on a VCR years ago). Given the new technology available, what is the best method I can use to do this?