Nokia's $25,000 Ferrari phone

Vertuferrari60lg Chances are, if you can’t afford a Ferrari, this phone will be out of reach too. Don’t worry, you aren’t missing much.

You’d think that for this kind of cash, Nokia (or more precisely, Vertu – Nokia’s high-end division) would be offering some outrageously cool technology or perhaps would utilize some rare, exotic materials in the creation of this exclusive phone. Sadly, it seems the stratospheric price tag buys you little more than a membership in a very small club.

Ok, I’m being unfair. The phone that celebrates Ferrari’s 60th anniversary does have some touches that put it in class of its own. It has an all-titanium shell which presumably increases the torsional rigidity of the unit, thereby improving handling during speed-dialing. And then there’s the partial leather back which we’re assured is of the very same quality as the cowhide that bolsters the buttocks of the people that get behind the wheel of a real Ferrari.

Maxx V6 Ferrari Challenge credit, MotorolaShould those details fail to impress you, Vertu has also gone to the trouble of re-creating Ferrari’s iconic gear-shift gate on the back panel, and has assembled the entire phone using the same screws that are found in the four-wheel version.

All bummed out that your bank account can’t support your taste for gadgets inspired by Italian exotic cars? Ferrari feels your pain. Apparently the guys and gals from Maranello think that mere mortals should be able to vicariously share in the glory of Formula 1 success via their cell phones. They have partnered with two other cell phone manufacturers:  the first being Motorola, to produce the far more reasonable, yet still decadently priced Maxx V6 Ferrari Challenge Mobile Phone for a mere $524…

Sony Ericsson Ferrari Limited edition credit,…and the second is Sony Ericsson for the K800i Ferrari Limited Edition. With its bright red and black colour scheme it is either the most authentic or most garish of the three phones depending on your taste. It also appears to boast the most features including a 3.2 megapixel camera.