The iGasm review

200752514598_igasm If you’re as tired of reading about the iPhone as I am, but can’t help being drawn to articles about all-white products that start with a lower-case ‘i’, you’ll love this one. It’s the gadget that has Apple, and many iPod fans, squirming – albeit for vastly different reasons.

It’s possible that I would have never heard of the iGasm if Apple hadn’t publicly announced their displeasure over the product’s ad campaign last month. The product’s creators apparently took a little too much liberty in satirizing Apple’s own iPod creative platform, prompting the Cupertino tech giant to insist on the removal of all iGasm ads. Amused as I was by Apple’s back-firing approach to the problem, the question I really wanted answered was: Did this sexy and controversial all-white iPod accessory live up to the hype? All of my web searches came up empty. No one has ever reviewed this naughty little iPod add-on. Until now.

Before I go on, you need to know that the following is a review of sex toy designed for use with the popular iPod MP3 player from Apple. While I have taken great care to treat the subject professionally, there will still be readers for whom this article is inappropriate. If you are under the age of 18 and/or if you find discussions of sexual topics uncomfortable or offensive, please take this opportunity to move on to another article.

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