Free, clean and endless power?

Orbo An Irish company claims to have broken the laws of thermodynamics by developing a device that perpetually generates energy from absolutely nothing.

The public demo of Steorn’s Orbo device was to have taken place today but it seems that an unforseen technical glitch has marred the invention’s debut.

According to the company’s live streaming site, they are:

"…experiencing some technical difficulties with the demo unit in London. Our initial assessment indicates that this is probably due to the intense heat from the camera lighting."


The Laws of Thermodynamics state (among other things) that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Steorn indicates that this law is either inaccurate or perhaps, poorly understood, which has allowed them to create a spinning polycarbonate wheel that isn’t attached to any power source whatsoever. As of the time of this post, the video stream from the Kinecta Museum showed a rather unimpressive, and completely still, wheel.

Now I’m no expert on either the laws of thermodynamics or the magnetic priniciples that supposedly power the mysterious Orbo, but it doesn’t bode very well for Steorn if their world-transforming device can’t withstand a little heat. I do have some experience working with video lighting, and while these lights to give off a lot of heat, if an actor can stand (and perform) for hours under these conditions, is it unreasonable to expect a largely metal object to do the same? I think not.

On some blogs like Engadget, folks have been speculating that this whole announcement is nothing more than a media stunt by the Kinecta museum. If that’s the case, it deserves to be recognized as a brilliant stroke of marketing genius on the part of the museum.

What do you think? Are we on the verge of a new era of free, endless, non-polluting power that will forever change the way the world works, or is this just a bizarre semi-scientific boondoggle that will take its place in the history books along with claims of cold-fusion?



  1. Terry

    It is worth watching to see if it has some hope for development. Lets not laugh at it too early, in case they are onto something. Maybe they rushed into a demonstration before they had all the logistics worked out, to be the first ones to introduce cutting edge technology. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and wait to see if the demonstration pans out


  2. Dave Dowling

    With things like cold fusion, zero point energy, and everything else out there, I am sure sometime soon we will develope a better fuel source that the liquified remains of dead dinosaurs (Oil)

    My favorite would be nano v-8 combusiton engines running on hydrogen.
    a couple thousand of them on a board would generate enough power for a house.


  3. Jared

    I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but something like this seems highly unlikely. If it were true, the entire laws of physics would have to be rewritten. Seriously, how would something be able to produce energy from nothing? The laws of thermodynamics have been proven over and over again. It has never been proven wrong. Why should this be the first?

    Don't get me wrong, I would fully support such a device if it were real, but this is such a typical media stunt, and coupled with the fact that it just conveniently doesn't work on it's opening day makes this sound pretty suspicious to me.

    I've posted the full article that I've condensed to fit this comment on my website at .


  4. Bill

    There are all kinds of devices which have been purported to be "perpetual motion" machines but there has always been a flaw that exposes the hoax.

    The inventor/hoaxters at some time on the development of their device usuually look for money, sometimes actively in which case it would be fraud, and in other cases passively, as in "Oh no, I couldn't possibly take your money, at least not without a promise to pay you back". They also usually claim that there is a conspiracy against them by the establishment.

    Be VERY wary of these guys, they are either extremely naive or they are frauds. And don't give them money.


  5. 121

    Spinning disc in a evacuated bulb have been available more than 40 years.The power is supplied by light pressure!
    It is no more amazing than the ducking duck which is fueled by a temperature differential.


  6. Vladimir N Poppe

    I agree with Terry!We should not so quickly dismiss something that could quite possibly be an answer to a problem that all of us know as un-solvable!But in the past,certain things came to be,despite peoples natural inclination to deny certain things considered impossible!Just because it has not been done before, does not mean that it cannot be done!


  7. Einstine

    This is not true… —-> Let me repeat Not TRUE…
    I give my life to science not
    fraudgulant breakthroughs for money.

    A Truly good waist of a beautiful mind or is it?


  8. teófilo dominguez mora

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