Handy and free online video conversion

Movavi Wrestling with mutliple video formats can be a drag. This new tool takes the headache out of format conversion and you can use it from any computer that has a net connection.

There are now so many ways to create, share and watch video it’s become a regular part of people’s online lives. You’re probably familiar with YouTube. There’s a good chance your portable media player (e.g. iPod) can play video. If you have kids or pets or just like messing around with a video camera, you no doubt have hours of footage on your computer.

The trouble is, there’s no one standard for video files, which makes moving all those files around and playing them back on various devices inconvenient to say the least.

There’s no silver bullet for this situation, and in all likelihood, the problem is going to get worse as newer devices emerge in the market and engineers develop better compression techniques leading to a wider variety of video codecs (the algorithms that allow software to compress video).

But at least for now, you don’t have to buy a premium software package to handle your various video format needs. Movavi has launched a free online video conversion tool that lets you upload videos (up to 5 of them at once) and convert them to over 10 different, popular formats including types that are compatible with iPods, PSP (PlayStation Portable), cellphones and the increasingly popular DivX file format used for compressing movies into files that are small enough to be written to a standard CD-R.

The process isn’t instantaneous. Converting video requires significant processing power. After uploading your video(s) Movavi informs you that the conversion process has begun and will notify you via email when your converted files are ready to be picked up.

So how did it do? I uploaded a 15 second .wmv video file that weighed in at roughly 1.9 mb. I asked Movavi to convert that file to "AVI-DivX" format. In less than a minute, I received the email.

The file that I downloaded was half the size (910 kb) and the quality of the video and audio was quite acceptable. It wasn’t quite as clean as the original, but that’s to be expected.

Granted, this test didn’t exactly tax the site’s performance, but I was nonetheless impressed by the speed and quality of the conversion. And did I mention it’s free?

By the way, if you’re a movie hound, this tool probably won’t make your list – file sizes are restricted to 10 minutes in length or 100mb in size.

Try it for yourself and let everyone know what you thought. online.movavi.com.


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