Feds vow to lash movie pirates, but does it matter?

Imsis553009 Ottawa has reacted to the pressure brought to bear simultaneously by "The Governator" Arnold Schwarzenegger and the big movie studios, by promising stiffer penalties for anyone caught video taping a movie in a theatre. So what?

Personally, I don’t download movies illegally from the net. The politically correct reason I would cite is that I’m so opposed to the practice for ethical/legal reasons.  However the truth is I can’t be bothered. Parents of young children don’t have a lot of spare time for diversions like movies, especially if it requires finding a movie online, then going through what is often a multi-hour download process, to then watch it on a tiny computer screen.

But let’s just say for second that I was ethically okay with all of the above and actually had the time to do it. If it turned out that what I had downloaded was a copy some guy made of the latest blockbuster by whipping out his handycam just as the trailers finished, man would I be ticked off! Have you ever seen what this stuff looks and sounds like?

Maybe I’m just too much of a movie purist, but I want great picture and wake-up-the-neighbours surround sound when I sit down in front of the TV. So I can’t imagine putting up with shaky picture, bad black levels, crappy stereo sound and other defects that are the hallmark of camcorder bootlegs.  For this reason alone, I just don’t buy the studios’ argument that stronger measures are needed to combat this practice.

Am I alone on this? Would you – c’mon be honest – go to the trouble of getting your hands on a sub-standard version of a movie just so you could avoid the price of admission at your local theatre? Either way, tell us why you make the choice you make.



  1. Jason Froshaug

    I agree completely about not wanting to watch a movie recorded in the theater on a camcorder….but the movie studios have only themselves to blame for the increase in piracy…it has gotten almost to the point where the average family cannot afford to go to the theater to see a movie.


  2. Jim Jones

    There are many sites where you can stream movies for free. Also, they are great DVD quality, not camcorder. You do not even have to download anything – peekvid.com, easy-tv.org. tv-links.co.uk There are many more sites like these all over the net.


  3. Grant McAughtrie

    Can't be bothered to download from the net or to purchase illegal "burns" from the street. The quality of the sound and picture is lousy. I purchased 1 ONCE (Pacific Mall…go figure)…wasted $5.00. Threw it out. I'd rather wait for the pristine copy the studio puts out….


  4. Richard Clark

    I can't be bothered buying a cheap illegal copy when I'd rather wait a few months and buy it legit. for much less than the cost of going to the theatre. Previously viewed copies are available from Blockbuster. Downloading, you take your chances with viruses etc. Not worth the risk. And don't the big studios make hundreds of millions on movies? So they're not hurting. The losses are projected not actual. Drop the prices of the dvd's and we will buy them.


    • Mesh

      Chances with viruses? From a movie pay site? Why don’t you just quit the internet? Why are you posting on this site?


  5. dave stephen

    what a wonderful country..film in a cinema get 5 years..smoke a joint get 2…rape yer neiboors daughter..with a good lawyer ..lucky you get any..besides hes right ..dam copies not even watchable


  6. Robyn

    This is ridiculous!! Not many people are going to want to watch a grainy, poor quality film recorded in a theatre, for one. Two, people will still find a way to either get around these laws or not get caught. I don't want to be possibly punished for something I didn't do by not being allowed to see movies! And I wonder, are these companies thinking about the fact that possibly, if everything wasn't so expensive, people might want to obey the law more? Is it possible that they are just rebelling? I'm sure not happy when I have to pay $30.00 or $40.00 for a dvd, or over $100.00 to take my family to the theatre. Maybe, if you would start lowering prices, etc. instead of wasting time making stupid laws, people would be more inclined to obey the law and not pirate movies.


  7. Jay Thomas

    I have been known to download a movie or to. But they are movies that I wouldnt pay to go see in theatres because I know they arent worth the high admission price. Movies have gotten really, really bad in the last few years and if there is the rare movie that seems to have potiental I will go see it in theatre and pay the money.

    If the industry wants to put more butts in the seats start producing movies that are worth paying the 10.95 for.

    The music industry is experincing the same problem, artists can no longer fill a 12 track cd with 1 hit song and fill the rest with garbage then expect you to spend 20 bucks on thier garbage filled album..

    We as consumers now have the power to demand quality for our money, and industry doesnt like it.


  8. Joe Blow

    first of all it's up to them (the industry) to protect their own investments (IE: CD's DVD's satelite/cable signal ect…)
    they just need to make them "pirate" resistant…its that simple.
    then that would actualy take some effort on their part not to mention cost money to protect their own investments when it's much easier and cheaper for them to invent some lies and sad story to make the governments beleive that they need to act fast to introduce new laws to protect them or else their whole industry will crumble and dissolve… yeah right !!!
    just what this world needs more and more stupid laws…
    wait a minute will the industry pick up the tab for making these new laws?
    or pick up the tabs for the investigation and prosecution of 'potential' offenders?


  9. Randy Whitton

    Living in Calgary, Alberta Canada, and having 3 children, basically your normal middle class family, here are the realistic pricing for movies up here.

    Admission 12.50 x 5 = 62.50
    Pop 7.00 x 5 = 35.00
    Popcorn 8.00 x 5 – 40.00

    total price for a family movie 137.50
    Total length of time for average movie 1.5 hours.
    Reading about movie companies complaining about the number of movie goers dropping dramatically and not understanding why?? Its because as the average family can't afford to go to the movies, thats why.


  10. Paul

    They are crying fowl after a few with their handy cam or video phone. (Naive am not)
    These (Hollywood) cry babies are making us (the stupid canucks) believe that thanks to the few Pirates of Canada that their Movie industry will sink. And perhaps their movie stars will have to stay in subsidized home…
    Hey! There are MORE pirate copies available on the streets of ASIA AND AFRICA. And Damn Good quality too!
    Some movies were available on the street of INDONESIA even before the scheduled release date here… in Canada.
    Our politicians not only bent but cracked to the pressure of some Hollywood Mogul. (Money hungry…)
    YOUR price at the theatres is TOO high! While the Ushers are making the minimum salary!
    Piracy will thrive. Unless movie goers get the just value for their hard earned cash.
    P.S. I do not own any v cam or YET


  11. jason

    I happen to know that torrent downloading can be quite efficeint, and if you know where to find the files, good quality. Also viruses are not a problem with torrents cause you can vuew the to be donwloaded files before they are actually downloaded.
    And hollywood expects us to pay $29.99 a DVD when i can buy 100 blanks at the local wal-mart for the same price, go figure. i personally wont stop downloading until hollywood stops being rediculous, consideing most of the bonus features are crap anyway, and with a torrent file .avi ina DIVX codec, 1 movie is between 700-1400MB, i can put up to 6 movies on a single DVD, wow, go figure


  12. patrick needles

    O yes downoaded a few movies , saw them also at the show , spent money , dont know why , just to see if I can do it. Have it on hand I guess. Yes not good , but blame Bill Gtaes for this and his computers! Its like cigarettes , when they put them out , hey!


  13. Rick

    I don't download movies, I used to copy some but to tell you the truth some of the movies coming out of Hollywood now are just plain crap. Always having to do remakes of past successful films to keep alive.There are a few good ones. The Film industry has lost the art of telling a story, always relying on special effect to wow the audiance. We've gotten board with the same ol same ol all the time.
    Secondly reading all the other comments there is one theme.The average Canadian is being crushed with a burden of taxes and greedy corporate bull (oil companies).The film makers and movie houses just cant admitt or acknowlage the fact we've had enough. Lower the prices, but that won't happen, they are not listening.I have absolutely no simpathy for them at all.


  14. pat

    gotta asmit that for me the biggest compulsion to download movies (i use bit torrent) is the fact that otherwise u cant see em out of studios for at least 3 months . . . .nice little marketing ploy there for the studios. Id be happy to buy a movie instead of download it (monney is really not that big of an issue) but wait three months to see it . . .nah


  15. kill_roy_m_(-!-)_m

    It all started in school 1976, on Apple 2e's we all played games and copied, traded games like hockey cards. Some made games in "010101010" WOW. Now I would love to watch my divx movie with ac3 5.1 surround sound mp3, on my 16.9 flat screen, I can and do it's WOW time
    again…. :)


  16. Peter

    Anyone for Monopoly? How about a game of chess? As a kid, I used to watch alot of TV and didn't interact with my family that much. Now, I've moved out, married and have a 2 month old son. I don't own a TV or even a computer. I've quit movie going (in agreement w/ Rick).

    Point is – I've saved lots of time! Time for myself and my family.


  17. Lewis

    short answer is no. i don't download/buy pirated dvds. can't be bothered. in fact, can't be bothered buying dvds, period. prefer the theatre experience…

    having said that, i think the more important issue here is that the canadian government is indeed cracking under pressure from the very powerful american movie industry lobby. but that's not new. the actual conservative government is no more guilty of lacking backbone in this story than previous administrations, regardless of political views. this has been going on for decades. you can look it up. in fact, this could make an interesting piece of investigative reporting if someone bothered to pursue it. in essence, the government's argument that this new legislation is an attempt to also protect the canadian film industry is a false one. if they really care about that, there are other ways of going about it. when's the last time you saw a canadian production in one of those cineplex / famous players multiplexes? vertical integration. no incentives for big theatre chains to promote – or even screen – what are considered higher risks films. a measure as simple as a levy system, or quota, could have a much stronger impact on our local industry. (you know, something along the lines of what the crtc does with its can-con…) but the fact is, every time that canada has tried to implement such a policy, – even as little as a couple of percentile points – the american film lobby has stepped in and essentially flexed their muscles until we dropped the idea. ask mr. chretien about his early days before party leader, in the 80s. (i don't have the dates in front of me, can't remember which position he held at the time, but he played a key role in this aborted quota attempt…) such a quota system is in effect in many countries off the continent, and one of the reasons they don't get as much pressure from the u.s. lobby is because – amongst many things – of the language / cultural barrier. in countries where english is not the official language, it's easier to promote your local industry… harder in canada, especially considering the physical proximity of our two countries…
    as for the 'risk' of job losses for the crews… let's put it this way. the film industry (especially the american one) is such a gargantuesque industry – there will always be a demand for entertainment; it will NOT come to a halt. and this is coming from crew people themselves…

    anyhow, that's my rant. it's late, i'm going to bed…


  18. Pete

    Lm tired of paying Hollywood for their mistakes. Like all businesses they just pass it on to the consumers. Tom Cruise and the likes of these type putzes made a killing. Zippo talent! Why pay Paris Hilton, Mike Myers, Adam Sandler (oh, Adam is jewish so put him in movies) Billy Crystal was ok…the Stars lawyers are making Hollywood sign contracts to put most actors in follow up movies which are in most part pretty stupid movies, but bread & butter for the movie industry as poor sequeals lure us in. How did BEN MALROONY get a job in Hollywood? His Dad of course! Brian Malroony raped our country like most Prime Ministers did the past 30 years. Hey Brian, you still got that nice mansion in the Bahamas for letting the off a huge deficit years ago? Everyones in for a quick fix and to line their pockets hile they can! They probably named the Loonie after Malroony! BEN MALROONY looked like Ben on Gentle Ben with those eyes..now he looks zestfully revised?…l think plastic surgury Ben was your TV option if you wanted to keep your job on screen with the stars. Must be nice to have your dads name to be able to afford plastic eye lifts, chin etc. Youd need a chainsaw for your dads chin…Brian Malroony should have been Dudely Do-Right the Mountie with that jaw breaker. GET A NEW BREED OF ACTORS in so movies will be more believeable, cheaper for Hollywood, which will lead more room for money to make quality movies again. l buy all my movies on ebay for 5.00 + 4.00 shipping from the USA. They are all the best ones ever made. Its even worth buying a used Dvd if you can save 80% of what Blockbuster, Amazon etc. charges. The CDN POST Office is the BIGGEST RIPOFF in the world with the highest rates…more GOV jobs that are a joke! One day it will all cave-in for the rich & greedy as were becoming more aware. Canadians are not crooks, we are just smarter the Americans as far as knowing the value of a dollar goes, no wonder we are noted for being the WORLDS WORST TIPPERS! Brad Pitt is a great actor, so is Russell Crowe if he stops his tantrums. George Clooney is a selfish ego womenizer putz, the worlds sexiest man? ha!..ever seen his mom lol. He knows that if he got married shed just leave him after 3 years with her cut. Matt Damon, Tom Cruise etc. are just little short boys in mens roles. Leonardo Dicaprio looks like a child as well but he at least is a decent actor. Keep pirating movies Canada, its a great way to WAKEUP HOLLYWOOD to get their act together again. Their all rich living high on the hog and wont take losses, they just raise the prices, well enjoy it while you can..those days are coming to an end. Gretzky, William Shatner, Alan Thick-head, Pamela Anderson, Mike Myers ane the rest of you traders…get your butts back home where you belong…even you Ben lazy-eyes Malrooney. What a joke Hollywood has become!


  19. Julie

    I've downloaded a movie or two before, but they are movies that I wouldn't pay to watch any ways. If a movie is worth it, then I don't have a problem going out and paying to watch it. But other movies they wouldn't have gotten my money because I wouldn't have paid to watch it. So what's wrong with that? They aren't getting any more or any less from me, they are still getting the same from me. Like other people said, maybe if they produce better movies and lower the prices of DVDS maybe people wouldn't do it so much.


  20. Mike

    The cost of a theatre ticket – $10.00. The cost of a large popcorn, and a large pop – $11.00 WTF!!!

    No wonder Canadians are pirating movies! The cost to actually visit a theatre is too high for an adult who has bills to pay. Of course years ago when I was a kid and didn't have debt up the ying-yang I could afford to go to the movies once week. Nowadays it's maybe twice a year!

    To rent a movie at Blockbuster – $6.00
    The cost of popcorn and pop bought at the local supermarket – $3.50

    Even the rental of a movie is astronomical! Can you now see why Canadians are pirating?

    The cost of popcorn and pop bought at the local supermarket – $3.50
    The cost of a pirated movie downloaded from the internet – 10 seconds to click and a day to wait.

    Do the math America!


  21. Beatrice

    As a family of 5, 3 children aged 8-11, and a night shifter, I find it difficult to finding time or the extra cash to take the family to movies. My children prefer to sit at home and watch a movie (even if it a purchased previously viewed, we have no pirated movies, just Blockbuster specials), have their popcorn and juice sprawled all over the floor in comfort than having to sit silent (any with kids knows how close to impossible that is) and disturb others. As a night shifter, I hardly get to watch a full movie without falling asleep, even on my nights off. It is a waste of $135.00 or more for my family to go out. Yes, we do go out, twice a year (Christmas and summer vacations), but they are specially selected and all have to agree on the movie, which is getting more difficult as the 2 oldest are girls and not very interested in action movies, like their Mom. We prefer to sprawl or cuddle, yes, you can 5 on a love seat to watch a movie. A much more pleasurable experience all around. Blockbuster has major sales often during the year, – get 4 for $20.00 (as earlier this summer) – buy one get the other 1/2 price, that is when I stock up on my movies. They may be older movies, the kids may have seen them at friends houses, or I have waited for them to come down in price. Does not really matter, we get to watch them when we want, how ever often we want. Thank you


  22. Dan

    All the above comments have lots of merrit I can agree with most but the most commen is cost of going to the theatre. As long as we pay the money they will not lower the price…we have control. Besides, what I do with my CD/DVD after I buy it should be none of their buisness. What is the first law of computers…Back it up, right. Next thing they will try is make it law we all have to buy a CD/DVD to feed the rich. As I said we have the power to lower prices….Don"t buy " It " for a while then the price will go down.


  23. Leigh

    Im all for the free movies. Obviuosly it must be easy to make a buck on the crap movies that they put out these days or why would they still make them? 90% of the movies produced arent worth the film their produced on. Wake up hollywood your just like the music industry that makes a cd with one good song on it and that being the trailer for it. Time to get your crap together and make some quality movies.


  24. John Smith

    Sure some of the pirated movies are terrible quality, but as mentioned, there are plenty of sites that have dvd streaming video which are great. 13 bucks to go see a movie i could watch from the comfort of my own home without the loudmouth on his cell phone, i'd say pirated movies are the way to go.


  25. jennifer

    i can believe it hurts the film industry i will not believe it hurts the music industry.. whta most don't know is the music industry never made alot of money with cd's (the band i mena) they make their money on tour. What i hate is paying money and taking time to go to cinema or buying the movie and realize it was not worth buying it. I watch torrent movie. if they did a good job i buy it if not get better. And i am also tired of blaming canada, the people who download it are not all from canada. they are from around the world. if the movie is good enough i will buy it like very season of simpsons. but why waste money on a movie i kinda like? no sense. If a painter is not known or good enough he don't make money. and with the 2.5 million sales at box office i don't see why they need more. people are staving and hollywood wants more??? give me a break!!!


  26. Clint

    Why do canadians download illegal media??? How bout with the rising cost of gas and everything it's just easier to stay at home and "steal" a movie. Maybe if I lived in Alberta and made more I could afford to go to a movie or buy a CD every once in a while. Before you accuse us of pirating you got to think maybe we all dont make $25000+ a year.


  27. Amy

    I don't see a lot of movies in the theatre – the last one I saw was Spiderman 3 & that was only so I could go out with my friends (I had been away at university). And yeah, the price of tickets is ridiculous. I'm sorry, but I'm paying my own way through university, and so I don't have a lot of extra cash to spend. So, yeah I download movies that look interesting, but I don't want to have to go the movies to watch, or wait for it to come out on video. But I still buy DVDs (I have all 7 seasons of Buffy, all 5 of Angel, the extended editions of LotR, and many more) – it's just most of the movies that have come out are crap. Why would I want to waste my money on something that's been remade by current stars, or is a halfassed sequel??? So I download it, and if I actually really like it, I'll probably go out and buy it. Same thing with music.


  28. some one

    we all know the facts ,the hollywood is puting out crap and riping us off but they think were are stupid and can't see what they are doing what a bunch of ##### holes the ##### morins the music industry look at what they give us ##### crap
    most can't sing without the use of specal audio equipment and editing. Hell I can make my own cd on my computer for a few dollars and they expect us to whach to there #### crap on music vidios which I find is the bigest load of #### piece of ####crap i have ever seen ,if I wanted to see a bunch of sluts who can't sing I will go whach a porn movie for #### sakes but to be fair there might be a good song once every 5 years ,a it just a load of ##### crap the buch of #### losers.


  29. General Admission

    A few things of note:
    I work in the film industry. I might have worked on one maybe two movies that I thought were good.
    I refuse to download CAMs. Crap quality. DVD-Rips are my minimum standard.
    I still go to theatres, but I'm selective. King Kong is a good example. It loses the effect when viewed on a 2.5 inch screen.
    I buy DVDs, but if it costs more than $10 then forget it. That is the standard value I have placed on all releases.
    Simon Cohen has some great points in regards to quality and ethics however, like many of his colleagues, he appears to be missing the bigger picture. As a country we are bowing to the whims of another. I think we should pressure the US government to stop movie downloading in the US as opposed to them pressuring us to stop filming them. Let's turn the tables. We are no longer the problem … it's you.


  30. Nicole

    Pirated to me is wrong. The way things are right now are wrong , but I do agree that it is redicoulous to have to pay so much to enjoy a night out at the theatres so that people who already are richer than us can make even more money. think about the average joe who works 5 to 6 days a week , really making a difference as a nurse, a plumber , or any other common job. They aren't even CLOSE to making what the movie industry does yet you want them to fork out more cash to see a movie.
    I can see why people pivate films , and i dont think making a new law will help any ..it will only make people more bitter. Lowering costs of DVD's or going to the theatre could help but i think what really needs to be done is a makeover. I think its PATHETIC that we are complaining about all the effort it takes to go see a movie in theatres. Besides the cost , it just sounds to me that we are getting just as greedy as hollywood in that we can't be bothered to get up off the couch and soulize with society a bit more.
    The odds are against us , yes its nice to have a movie for free, yes its more comfortable to watch it in your own home , and yes hollywood does not need any more money ..but I think a theatre full of random people with many different lifestyles and beliefs who have come to see the same movie beats all of that.


  31. Simon Cohen

    Hey General :)
    I'm not convinced that "bowing to the whims of another" is the greater issue. The US asks us to do things and vice versa. I don't mind that Canada is siding with the US over copyright enforcement, after all, it is the law and we would expect the same of them. What I think is ridiculous is the time and effort spent trying to control camcording of movies in theatres. I dispute the fact that this is the major source of illegal copies, I also dispute that this is taking more money out of studios' pockets than other copying methods like DVD-ripping. As I mention in the post, I find it hard to believe that any potential movie-goer would find one of these camcorded movies to be a satisfying alternative to seeing a movie in a theatre or waiting for a rip.


  32. anonymous

    yes I understand, but I usually download movies after i've seen them in theatres, and before they are released…. for example, i saw harry potter 5 THREE times, and then downloaded it for pleasure…
    as for ripped DVDs, ill download it, see if i like it, then buy it!
    if i do keep the download, i wouild never sell them for my own profit!! its only for my eyes.


  33. blue

    I read the comments and see ppl saying that the torrents have bad quality?? If you download one thats already out on DVD, chances are its DVD rippede and its EXCELLENT quality!! :D


  34. Das~Boot

    Personally … I do not download movies from internet.

    I like my PC, and will NOT expose it to any kinda dangerous viruses. Many, many, many movie files, they're containing them !! Think twice then …

    In addition – I preffer QUALITY of viewing & listening the movies. This is a reason, why I will never BUY a pirated copies of the hits. They're NOT @ the right technical quality level, and NOT giving me ANY pleasure of enertainment, at all. Dump it !!

    Some people are doing it … instead of punishing them, I am trying to understand them !! Not every families are O.K. financially, of buying tickets to their kids, and forget completelly about buying them tickets to experience live theatres, for axample.

    This "show-business" is a sick business, money squizing business even from the poorest people – washing their brains at the same time with emphasizing & gloryfying the money making lifestyle of the f…ing "STARS".

    So what is that ?? It is a pure example of the mental classic [catch22]

    Big companies to squizz every penny from everybody's pockets, trying these days to BEND the existing International Copyright Law, to work in their favor.

    Basically, so far – you are breaking it, when you are making any money profit, from playing or distributing audio-visual GOODS to the public.

    I understand that, and I am supporting existing Copyright Law that way !!

    Hollywoood woke up too late with …. because internet and computing moved farther, and too fast, that they could even immagin, and thinking of it.

    Big movie makers, they didn't invest a broken penny in internet and computing field development, but they want NOW make the profit, restricting ANY kind of files downloading as a potential "business HAZZARD" calling them "ILLEGAL", and calling internet users "the criminals" of "stealing".

    Give me a BREAK !!

    I hope that law makers in Canada, will see that side of the loonie as well, and they will continue to protect the public, from being called potential criminals.

    Sincerely yours,

    Canadian – Das~Boot


  35. Anon

    Yes, I would. The price of my going to a movie could go towards my internet bill. Why not pay the stars less and the workers more. They do just as much work.


  36. Joe

    I know how it is watching movies from a camcorder to dvd….it sucks, u might as well go to the theaters for that trouble of going to a shop, or street vendor, finding a movie for 4 dollars, and going home, and half the time it wont work, or its some other movie. But people in the industry should realise that, many pirate copies out there are from an insider who has the source. The films are already close to the quality of regular dvds, sometimes the same, but occasionally you might get that message at the top and bottom screen "Test viewing only : Properties of blah blah blah"…." So….before they think that Camcorder in a theater is no.1 method to steal, they better check their employees first.


  37. joe-d

    Ha, if you download movies off the internet, you might as well chalk that up to trying to teach your grampa how to play halo 3. DOWNLOADING IS A THING OF THE PAST, IF YOU ARE STILL DOWNLOADING MOVIES WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, there are direct link websites and you have to wait all of three seconds to watch a movie that just came into the theatre, THESE SITES ARE WICKED , PLUS THEY ARE SWEET QUALITY, i have my projector hooked up to MY computer and a 80 inch 300$ screen from future shop, lets just say for 1500 bucks i have my own personal movie theatre and I DONT FEEL ONE BIT SORRY THAT LINDSEY LOHAN WOULDNT BE ABLE TO BUY 10,000$ PRADA PURSES, WHATEVER. DIRECTLINK SITES ARE 1000000 TO 1 SHITTY DOWNLOAD CHECK OUT http://WWW.FREEMOVIEMANIA.COM, IM ONLY GOING TO GIVE UP 1 SITE, THE REST IS UP TO YOU TO FIGURE OUT. PEACE.


  38. joe-d






  40. Arvo

    The movie and music industry are trying
    to use a 19th century business model in the 21st century and are running into problems. The price they charge has not
    really dropped in this high tech age, and
    I'm certain the cost of manufacture has dropped significantly. But, don't rely on their accountants for the true costs. The industry is known for creative accounting. Also, real incomes have not been keeping up with the average consumer. And all the advertising is saying you have to have it all. Limited income, got to have it all and lots of time (young people at least, I'm older I have not free time)
    is a reciepe for piracy. This is not rocket science (maybe for the executives in the entertainment industry). Besides,
    they do not account or disclose how much money (royalities) they get from all the recordable medium sold in Canada. In Europe they have the Pirate Party (political organizatin). Maybe we in Canada should start a North American wing. Copywrite is not working, it has gone well past its best before date.
    We should tell our polical leaders to back off. The Media industry should start looking for a new business model!


  41. Kat5984

    I have in the past downloaded and watched movies from the internet. It was partially because at the time I too didn't have the 40 dollars it costs to go see a movie (even without popcorn its still nearly 20) Watching the pirate didn't deter me from buying movies that were good though, I have a huge movie collection. I think that those people who do pirate also aren't selling them (for the most part) and that if the movie is truely worth the money, people will not have a problem spending the 20$ on a movie that they can watch as many times as they want, rather than spending the 20$ on a seat in a crowded dark space with strangers who talk, chew loudly… I attend the dollar theaters way more regularily. When it only costs 2.50 for a ticket, and then food is about 6 bucks, thats way more reasonable. They're not the latest releases…. but its still a night out and I only paid 1/3 of what people paid for opening night.


  42. Ron McGill

    The vast majority of Telecine pirated movies are recorded from the projection booth along with the sound patched-in directly from the theatre sound system.

    As for supporting the film and music indutries, I'm sick and tired of having to pay a levy on recordable media especially when I use it for distibuting my own developed software.


  43. linda-

    Good, I'm happy that the pirating is getting better and better !! Why the heck should we have to pay $10 to $15 to go see a movie knowing that those dumbass actors are getting millions for each movie they make ?!?!? They are waaaaaaaaaaaaayy over paid !!!
    They will never be able to stop moivie pirating or eliminate it completely … we will always be one step ahead and come out with different ways to pirate and download bootleg !!!
    Long live movie pirating and any other kind of pirating FOREVER !!!!


  44. linda

    (in reference to Kat5984)Ya that's true, what's up with the prices of the food in those damn theaters ?!?!? How is it that a candy bar costs $3 !!!!!!????????????????
    What the hell?!?!? They really do take us for idiots !!!!! I hope everyone stop going to the theater and they finally go out of business !!!


  45. Obsidian

    To begin, I download movies, games, TV shows, lots of stuff. I do not do this for my own financial gain. I am a student. For me, going to the movies means not doing groceries that week. I do still go to some movies, it gives me a chance to get out with friends. If there is a movie we all want to see, we go see it. We just can't go very often. If I find an incredible movie that I've downloaded, I WILL buy the DVD. It's simple, if I find something is incredibly well done, I show my support and buy it.

    As to the pirating issue, there are several things to consider with "pirated" movies/games/TV-shows/books/etc…

    number 1: "pirated" is the wrong word. If your friend buys a film, and you borrow it, watch it at home and return it to him, is that pirating? no. The downloaded movies are the same thing. You always have the legal right to make a personal back-up copy of your media, if you let someone borrow this, for no financial gain to yourself, you have done NOTHING wrong. Many of the best internet "pirates" provide films and DVD-rips free, posting copies where all can access them and download them for no financial gain. These people are doing this simply to share an artform. This is not pirating, it is sharing and what did we all learn in kindergarten? Sharing is good.

    number 2: if they pirates really were killing the movie industry, they would stop. They know that if there is no more money for movies, then no more movies will be made. The good pirates always say: "If you liked this (game/movie/TV show/etc…) then support it and buy a genuine copy. There is nothing better than an original." Pirates don't want to kill Hollywood, and Hollywood knows that.

    number 3: if Hollywood was concerned with artistic celebration, they would understand that making movies for the pure pleasure of making a great movie means that you don't care HOW your movie gets out there, only that people see it and can enjoy it. This is something that has, unfortunately been lost. In Sweden, home of thepiratebay.org, several prominent bands have distributed their ENTIRE album free via torrent from thepiratebay.org these people know that if the fans like them for their music, they will be supported. They also know that a CD is distributed in one region while a torrent is global. They receive donations from people who have listened to, enjoyed and want more music. They figured out that donations of few dollars donated DIRECTLY to the artist is better then the ten cents per CD sold a record company would have given them.

    number 4: pirates will ALWAYS find a way. No matter the laws, the code, the encryption, they will ALWAYS find a way. The thing is, the stricter the system becomes, the more turned off people will be, and the less people will go. Yes, they can stop people from filming in the cinema, but honestly, who wants to pay 30 dollars per person to be stripped naked, and packed into a well illuminated room surveyed by armed guards just to watch "bratz: the movie"? No one. But, even then some brave pirate will be wearing a papier mache shoulder and head with a camera hidden inside, ready to share with the rest of the world.

    number 5: Canada has about 33 million people, the greater New York metropolitan area has 22 million, the greater Los Angeles area has 17 million. So, Hollywood is complaining because a country with a population less than two United Stats cities is copying some movies? It's honestly, a joke. The only people I know who have bought pirated DVDs, got them on trips to New York.

    number 6 (only has to do with TV-Shows): stations like ABC, NBC, CBS, all provide their top shows, streming on the web free of charge the day after they air. But, only to Americans. That's right, it's all there, but only if you're an american citizen, with an american IP, sitting in your american home. So, I download the show, two days after it aired, from someone who saved it in HD, and has happily removed all the commercials. That's right, I get my one-hour program, (now only 40-mins with the commercials removed) two days after it aired. I would have gone to NBC.com and watched that episode of "Heroes" but, I'm proudly not an american. If the show is great, I'll still buy the DVDs when they come out.

    Truth of the line is, hollywood actors don't need to make 40 million dollars per film. Watch IFC, there are actors there who work for free, the entire movie was made on a shoestring (literally, you can see it hanging in the background) and it is ten-fold better than the current hollywood blockbuster.
    I am one person, if I didn't download the movies that I watch, I would never see them. I can't afford to go to the cinema regularly, and I can't afford to buy the DVDs. (although Hot Fuzz may be worth a week with no groceries…) There was a cinema I used to go to that sold tickets the way tickets should be sold, 5$ for adult, 3$ (includes a small popcorn) for children and 2$ for anyone on tuesday. Life was good, i could go 15 times for what I pay now.

    For those of you concerned with viruses, the good torrent sites remove any files found to have viruses. As well, the people who comment on the torrent will state that there is a virus and there will be no seeders for that file. Guaranteed, if you find it on a good torrent site (thepiratebay.org is the world's best), and from a good source (see the dedication below) there will be no viruses, only quality.

    Note: I only download TS, R5s or DVD-rips of movies, no cams.

    This comment is dedicated to those who struggle to produce great-quality work for no financial gain, aXXo, PUKKA, TRiBAL, LTT, RELOADED, Razor1911.


  46. Kick the MPAA out of Canada

    Copyright infringement is a civil matter – not a criminal matter. Everybody please repeat that to your self 3 times.

    This camcorder law is the movie industry's first step to making ALL copying illegal in a criminal sense (not just in a civil sense). If they manage to accomplish that they will then use the police to go after the 'offenders'. Today they have to hire their own lawyers and go to civil court, which costs them money. Once they manage to 'criminalize' this, they NO LONGER HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR OWN LAWYERS. They can have the Canadian taxpayers pay for ALL of it, while they continue to reap all of the profits.
    As several people already observed – these are crap, no one likes them and few would actually watch them. It is easy to see that this camcorder law is a solution in search of a problem. It is instead, actually just the first baby step of something much more insideous.

    We the Canadian Public must not continue to tolerate our own politicians caving in to Special Interest Lobby Groups – particularly ones that are not even Canadian. This issue will eventually affect all of our lives as much as global warming does today – just give it the same 50+ years to ferment. If you think I'm crazy, then ask 'How much sense would it make to let the manufacturers of industrial chemicals, determine what the pollution laws should be, for the amount of industrial waste allowed to be dumped into a major waterway? Do you think that any laws made in those conditions would help the general public who is living near those waterways?' 50-75 years ago, that was viable thinking.

    Tell every politician at every level of government, who comes to shake your hand and ask for your vote: "Stop giving your political attention to the special interest lobby groups – Start working on matters of concern to the GENERAL PUBLIC or we will NOT vote for your sorry ass."

    Even the big kahuna, Mr Harper got on the global warming bandwagon once he saw the polls that showed his non-green policy was dropping his party support through the floor.

    PUBLICIZE every detail of every politician who supports these corporate weasals. If enough people do this we may start to uncover the political favours that are being traded behind closed doors. And then we can replace or jail (depending on circumstances) the ones who are responsible for the continued pusuit of profit at the expense of all else and all others.

    If a business can't stand on it's own; can't be profitable without asking for new restrictive laws to be passed in order to change the market conditions – then it's not a business anymore. Politicians need to let it die so that something more suitable and efficient can take it's place. It is not the job of the politician to do the work of the business owner.

    The best way I can think of to improve the situation is through massively available public knowledge of which politicians do and don't support these kinds of special interest laws. It should be somewhat easy to see that a politician is 'in bed with' a particular lobby group where everyone is able to watch their historical performance record as time goes by.

    The Canadian Public needs to take back control of Canada – our voice is only getting weaker and weaker.

    Maybe we need some more, new, criminal laws to protect our politicians from undue corporate influence – including mandatory jail time for corporate executives whose companies are found to be in violation?