iPod+washing machine. Are you kidding me?

Lgwashingmachinewithmp3player Apparently LG has filed a patent for a washing machine equipped with a dock for an iPod or similar media device. This isn’t a joke, but it should be. The list of reasons why this is a bad idea should be obvious to all, so I won’t go into them here. But I will offer LG my suggestions for other iPod-equipped devices they should build if this is really the direction in which they’re headed…

  1. iPod + lawnmower: Mowing the lawn is a necessary evil for homeowners, now it needn’t be boring.
  2. iPod + dishwasher: Isn’t doing the dishes a drag? Music will make it much more enjoyable!
  3. iPod + toilet: I think someone tried to market a toilet paper dispenser with a dock – they were on the right track!
  4. iPod + fireplace: What can I say? This is a hot idea. Who hasn’t sat by the fire wishing they had just the right tunes to set the mood?
  5. iPod + hairdryer: These things are so noisy, you may as well have your earbuds in – you can’t hear anything else anyway.

Okay, I’m sure I’m leaving some good ones out. C’mon people, what’s the most ridiculous iPod combination you can think of? Submit your best, then submit your votes for the best!

from: Gizmodo


  1. Taylor

    iPod+Microwave.. while waiting for the left-over Chinese food, you can jam with you favourite tunes.


  2. Patrick

    My daughter's shuffle made it INTO the washing machine once-I thought all was lost until I let it dry out. It's as good as new, except now it's a little whiter.


  3. Bonni

    Ipod dock and blender, why not you can't hear anything when it's running anyhow. Course I'de just like one on my adding machine, AND I LOVE the shower idea one submitted already!! sigh! now that would be cool!!


  4. Kyle

    why can't people just put their earbuds in, put the ipod in their pocket and listen to it while doing whatever they choose ? isnt it the same thing.. and cheaper ?