Ultimate protection for your iPod

Nano_front_big iPods are great, which is probably why everywhere you go, someone around you is wearing one. Those distinctive white earbuds lodged in the ears is a dead giveaway. But there are some places you just shouldn’t take your little music pal, unless you’ve got protection.

In comes the Otterbox. Otterbox is the name of line of products designed to protect hi tech gagdets and other items from the most extreme conditions. If you’ve ever wanted to take your MP3 player to the beach, on a boat or anywhere it’s likely to be exposed to a lot of moisture or debris (like sand), the Otterbox should definitely be on your wish-list. Protection for a first gen iPod nano will run you about $39.95 USD (plus S&H, of course). Not cheap, especially compared to the plethora of iPod cases that litter the market. But when you consider the cost of replacing a 4gb nano, the price tag starts to look a little more reasonable.

Otterboxes are made of incredibly sturdy plastic and feature a snap-tight closure that feels very secure. The rubber o-rings that line the case’s lids create a snug fit and our test box kept its contents dry even when submerged underwater. But before your decide to go diving a reef with your favourite tunes, think again – the Otterbox is not intended for SCUBA depths.

If MP3 players don’t seem worth all that trouble, and you’re more concerned about keeping your important files and precious laptop safe from the elements, Otterbox has you covered – they offer a line of rugged laptop cases that are sure to impress even the most demanding travelers.