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If you’re a regular at the Tech & Gadgets channel, you’re probably used to getting the latest news from around the tech world, some pretty helpful product reviews and some essential help & how-to articles. But you may have found yourself wishing for something a little more interactive, perhaps something like a blog. We felt the same way.

So, we created sync. A blog dedicated to discussing all things related to the technology that surrounds us in our daily lives. But more importantly, a place where you can ask your tech questions and comment on the articles your read. Without reader comments, a blog is nothing more than a series of articles, so please, join the conversation!

Now, since this is our first foray into the blogosphere and we’re really excited to see where it goes, we’re also going to keep the party respectful by moderating all user comments before they appear on the blog. Between 7am and 9pm EST, this will mean a short delay (less than an hour) between the time you submit comment and the time it goes live. At other times you may not see your comments appear until the next day. We realize this reduces the immediate gratification that many blogs offer, but we also hope you’ll appreciate the environment of respect that this policy will foster.

Hope you enjoy the new blog, and keep the feedback coming!

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  1. adam the robot kid

    i found a good robot toy u have to build ur self and it has wifi and a global signal so it wrks around the world but its wi fi and internet i was just woundering if this is wifi and internet and if someone hacks my internet wouldnt they conytroll the robot and the robot has a camerar on it the robot is called spyke


  2. Simon Cohen

    Hi Adam,
    yes the robot you're talking about: http://tinyurl.com/24az2e is called Spyke. And yes, theoretically, if someone hacked your PC, they could gain control over Spyke's movements and see the video feed from its camera. Trying to find out more on this product has been difficult. I saw it at CES in Las Vegas, but nothing has surfaced since then.